Go live….Go hobby !

No man is happy and safe without hobby! This is the time when we have to intentionally draw our attention to the word hobby . The days are engaging us technologically ,stealing our peace and joy and taking us away from our soul. How many people we saw around us nowadays whose  hobbies we know … Continue reading Go live….Go hobby !

Fever fever …everywhere!

आज एक विनोद वाचनात आला . " जसे गांडूळ ला शेतकऱ्याचा मित्र म्हणतात,, तसे डासांना डॉक्टर चा मित्र म्हणतात " हसू आले आणि एवढ्यातच एका ग्रुप वर, "viral fever ने जे थैमान घातलेय त्याबाबत लिहाल का?" अशी वारंवार आलेली सूचना आठवली . म्हणायला हा साधा ताप patients  बरोबर आम्हा डॉक्टर्स ची हि धांदल उडवतो आहे. … Continue reading Fever fever …everywhere!

Fast: Official leave to feast and rest to stomoch

Let the Fast Begin! Here fast doesn't mean complete avoiding eating. Fast means  avoiding some specific food and eating other specific food for one or more days either for health benefit or other custom, faith reason.The fast is considered to be one of the ways to help you go closer to the god while u perform … Continue reading Fast: Official leave to feast and rest to stomoch