Spread it healthy way!

The need to know better about the food we eat can help alter the bad food habits. If we are eating large portion of our meal which is processed or preserved with loaded non organic things, we are simply not making progress but lowering the values of lifestyles.

Dr.Rupali Panse

“Every alternate day i give chapati role with cheese spread with various flavors in

lunch box.”A regular patient’s mother .

“This much frequent use of cheese spreads and other ready to use spread isn’t good for your 5 year old son” i was trying to explain .”Once in a while you can treat him with it but it shouldn’t be the regular tiff-in stuff, Dear”

“What you are saying ,i understand but then what should i give him , any alternative?

Sometimes we are so busy in understanding unwinding the complex , far things that we overlook the simple things close or in front of us that blow us with their wonders. When i say try to avoid ready to eat food its my duty to give access to some good alternative to my patients , that too not complicated and easy to make and yes most important tasty too.


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50 shades of ‘Whey’ : A scoop of protein and you!

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Gut: The second brain in body!

आतडे: शरीरातील दुसरा मेंदू !!!! आपल्या शरीरात दोन दोन मेंदू आहे असे मी तुम्हाला म्हंटले तर ? किंवा आतड्याला देखील स्वतःचे मन असते असे म्हंटले तर ? 'बटरफ्लाईज इन माय स्टमक', 'पोटात गलबलून आले' ,'पोटात भीतीचा गोळा येणे' ,ताण असताना एन्झायटी मध्ये वारंवार शौचास जावे वाटणे,कुणाचे मोठे दुःख बघितल्यावर आतडे पिळवटल्याची भावना अशी विविध भावनांची … Continue reading Gut: The second brain in body!