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5 most common myths that lead people to trouble (3 minutes read)

Doctor, the inevitable is inevitable, why to worry  today. ” one of my patients was spiritually vaccinating me in my OPD. I was concerned for his frequent visits for joint pain on and off , as i am treating his mother and am aware of his family  history of Arthritis.  “I am young , take regular Calcium and we all are overweight in our family . It is normal for us family members to be chubby.”he further added .

Well dear patient this blog is dedicated to you.

These are 5 general misleading myths about Arthritis which keep coming as hurdles in treating a patient or making people aware of the disease.

  1. All frequent joint pain every time is Arthritis:                                                                                     No there are various reasons apart from Arthritis for joint pain. Even there are types of arthritis like ,Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.Osteoporosis, Gout, Ligament injuries , Bursitis(inflammation of the soft tissues in joints) are some of the examples of joint pain.Treatment for every reason is different.                                   Let your doctor do the diagnosis.
  2.  Arthritis is an old age disease:                                                                                                                       The occurrence of Arthritis is common in old age.But, Arthritis every time isn’t an old age disease.Various metabolic insufficiency can cause Arthritis early in young even in childhood. Rheumatoid Arthritis can affect children too.                                         
  3. My diet and lifestyle has nothing to do with Arthritis:                                                                           If you belong to this community, wake up .Your diet and lifestyle both play vital role in maintaining the bone health or causing joint diseases.Your food is the building blocks of your bone and other tissues in body. Healthier the blocks stronger will the structure. As simple as it is.                                                                                                  Sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise , improper joint movements, stress on joints improper sitting standing or walking postures, acute or chronic frictions or injury of joints due to lifestyle or other reasons are the major reasons that starts joint impairment process.                                                                                                                                                  Fried and processed food,barbecued dishes(heated on high temperature) ,carbonated drinks (cold drinks) ,high salt content food, ready to eat food, sugar and refined carb food are some of the examples of food that can affect the joints which further will turn in to Arthritis or other joint disorders.Ayurveda has broad spectrum view on diet some of my posts describe it . One important concept of Incompatible food is already described in previous blog. The incompatible food is one the reason in autoimmune disorders like Rheumatoid Arthritis. Do refer the link for the reference .                                                        
  4. Be aware disaster chef busy in the lab
  5. 10 faqs on incompatible food made me write
  6. I take regular calcium supplements I don’t have to worry about Arthritis:                                       This is the most common myth about Arthritis.I am so sorry to say, all those Calcium lovers, that this is not true. Calcium is one of the important factors to maintain the health of joint and bones.Even if u supply the synthetic calcium in the form of tablets or other source the utilization of that Calcium for bone is important .Most of the times the calcium level in blood are maintained by these Calcium supplement but what about the bones?                                                                                                               Calcium metabolism or absorption should be proper. Vitamin D,Vitamin C , vitamin E, vitamin K, magnesium, and boron assist in absorbing calcium and also increasing bone mass. Exercise also helps the body absorb calcium. all these things matter when we consider Calcium and bone health.Apart from Calcium deficiency Age, sex, hereditary factors, metabolic disease,obesity etc are also responsible for Arthritis.Please do not rely on only Calcium.                                                                           
  7. Painkillers , steroids and Ca supplements are the only treatment available for Arthritis :   In the era of continuous updation in medicine field thankfully this is not the only treatment available.                                                                                                              Treating a patient of arthritis is a team effort , i always say this. Proper and only needful investigations, early diagnosis is the most vital part of the treatment process.When we treat the Arthritis patients the diagnosis on the basis of individual prakriti or body type help us decide the medicines and therapies to be used.Change of lifestyle and diet and counselling of the patient regarding the disease make the path very easy for patient and doctor too. Simple diet changes according to the Ayurveda principles show speedy progress which further increases patients faith and consistency in following the suitable changes.             Panchkarma is the mostly widely used and accepted treatment for Arthritis globally. Basti is the choice of treatment in Arthritis along with some other therapies if needed. Some Ayurveda therapies on the joints locally done, reduces swelling and pain which help patient to avoid the need of pain killers as well as steroid. Rasayan Chitiksa in Ayurveda (maintenance therapy ) improves the bone health and prevents the progression of disease.                                                                                        Physiotherapy and yoga are the crucial therapies to attain the mobility of the joints and to avoid the stiffness as well as deformities in joints.

    Guys stay away from any such myths , take help of the proper person and keep healthy.

    Please feel free to ask ,suggest and take time out to express your views in comment section.

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    Ph no.9623448798

    (The above write up belongs to the author Dr.Rupali Panse.The act of sharing the knowledge with due credit to the blog author will be appreciated. Image source internet)

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  1. Very Useful & Imporant Information. I’ll Love To Follow Your Blog. नमस्कार. शुभम भवतु

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