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8 super habits in the journey of weight loss

1.Medicine is not the solution:

My patients get a shock when I say this. Believe me there is no such medicine that reduce your weight and is quick fix solution. When we give medicine it corrects the metabolic process by increasing the overall digestion and absorption process.

Sometimes the medicines are to treat the condition due to which the weight is increased eg. PCOD, thyroid disorders, Diabetes , patients on antidepressant therapy or on steroids ( as these drugs tend to increase the weight faster)

Once the root is shaken patients show good decrease in their weight.

2.Stay away from quick fix diet:

No quick fix diet will help you reduce weight permanently. On the other hand these diet causes many complications in some people. Specially people having Vaat or Pitta dominant prakriti (body pattern)can be easily affected due their specific digestive element. (we call it Agni in Ayurveda which decides digestion and absorption and distribution and overall nutrition)

Severe headaches, weakness, fatigue, body ache are some the complaints that many of my patients remember and tell me because of such diet plans. Our body is habitual for years to a certain food pattern, a sudden and huge change in the food type, timing and quantity may interfere the metabolism yourself patience and body ample time:

Curious and innocent faces always ask me this question before leaving the consultancy,

 “Doctor, how much weight will I reduce and in how much time?” I can totally understand the concern, the efforts and number of things these people have tried. At certain level they start losing patience. Its natural but can make the condition difficult.

Give your body ample time to show the results of your efforts and the medicine. Your Ayurveda doctor will guide you about the facts, about your body type(i.e. prakriti: vaat pitta, kaf ) and how the designed diet, exercise, panchkarma and medicine will start doing its part.

Consistent effort is the key. Never run from one doctor to another or one gym to another. It will help them make money but you will at loss. Choose wisely at first place, stick to it and it will save your time, money and energy.

4.Adapt recreational exercises:

If you are not a gym fanatic it will be really hard for you to train yourself in gym for weight.

A number of other options like Yoga, Dance, Zumba , Power yoga , Aerobics are available as per your liking . Opt them but only after consulting your doctor. There are cases, patients come with painful ankles, stiff shoulder or low back ache after these sessions of exercises. Sometimes with even more serious complications like ligament injury or minor twist fractures etc.

Select one that suits your body and endurance. Do indulge in other outdoor n indoor activities like easy trekking, cycling, sports, gardening, and household chores with minimum use of vehicle. Sometimes playing with children or grand children is the best gym you got , that too free and enjoyable !

5. Keep sound in mind:

Now it is proven fact that the psychological state has direct impact on weight. In some people weight loss and in some obesity is the manifestation. Kindly seek the advice of the expert if there are any emotional ailments. You will be surprised to see the results afterwards

6.Let the doctor decide:

Patients come with self diagnosis in advance.” I know my body doctor, I know why this is happening to me, I have figured out the solutions too.” With these sentences, I take a deep breath and push all my skill to pull him out of his /her strong but wrong beliefs. Obesity has many hidden facets about health. Almost every system we need to take in to consideration in obesity. Always listen to and follow the directions of your doc.

Don’t lose your common sense to some quack products, health drinks and TV advertisements.

7.Do not compare:

Every person posses own unique body type. This is the reason along with some others that a result varies from person to person. That is why the diet, exercise, medicine and other therapies differ from patient to patient. Ayurveda consider this uniqueness! Compare yourself to yesterday’s you. Stay on path it will pay results

8.Go for holistic approach:

Apart from cosmetic issue the obesity comes with various health issues . Also many systemic diseases result in obesity. The approach root oriented and not only symptoms. all the components like diet , exercise and medical intervention should be given same importance . maintain the physical as well as psychological soundness.

These are the major 8 steps you need to climb firmly . with every step you will observe yourself ready and eager to climb the another one .

your queries, experiences and inputs are welcome!

Stay fit , Stay healthy

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3 thoughts on “8 super habits in the journey of weight loss”

  1. Dr. Nandkishor Dhage

    Very nice explanations on the basis of Ayurved ! All 8 steps! !👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻

  2. झटपट WhatsApp doctor. 👌 तुमचे लेख जनजागृती चे काम करतात. नमस्कार

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