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8 things you must know before jumping on any diet!

Ancient Food guru !

The 8 things you must know before jumping on any diet

Fix your food first to fix everything in your mind is the mantra of the era! Finally the world understands that there are more properties of food beyond the nutritional values. Food has its own nature.

You cannot drive your vehicle unless you know the basic traffic rules. No matter how much you are good at driving and how much good latest vehicle you posses if you cannot read the traffic signs all is in vein. With this lack of basic guidelines the expert driver and best model of car may end up in an accident and the goal of the journey remains unachieved.

The same way if you are surrounded by variety of food choices but you are not aware of their properties or the right way to eat them their nutrition values are none of use for yourself. You cannot just eat any healthy food at any quantity and in any manner. Ancient Ayurveda science has accurate solution and precise guidelines that whole world should learn to set the standard food mannerism. In today’s blog I am trying to put forward the divine knowledge regarding the basic guidelines of food consumption from Ayurveda texts.

Following 8 points may be the solution for attempted failed diets or meal plans!

1.Appetite :Appetite is the most important component in the diet play which is neglected almost most of the times by the dieticians. Accessing the appetite should be the first step to chose the type of diet.Appetite/digestive fire/digestive capacity or Agni can be sharp, dull, moderate and inconsistent.

If the strong /sharp appetite bearing person is advised to keep fast, take very light property food or advised food in very small portions will definitely not be in favour of the metabolism. These are the people who are safe to hook with protein .The same way if dull appetite person is forced to eat frequently as a part of diet ,it is going to cause harm to the gastro intestinal system. The inconsistent appetite type needs more assessment and tricky diet.If the appetite is ignored the diet will never be successful and can even make thins worse for the person.e.g.With dull appetite the eggs,dried fruits are any time better than beef and pork.

2.Nature: Every food has its own nature(properties/effects/nutritional traits) which is called as Prakriti (nature). These inheritable properties matter a lot in case of nutrition or diet. Lets see a simple example of green gram and black gram. Both are pulses but posses opposite properties.Black gram is heavy to digest and have property to generate more mucous (kafa) internally. Whereas green mung is light to digest and Dosha pacifier.Though the buttermilk and curd are derived from the milk both posses different traits.Ayurveda thinks on micro level even deeper than protein carbs and lipids.So for different set of people I will choose different forms of protein. My allergy prone patient will get mutton or chicken and my other patient having higher vata dosha will receive pulses like urad daal/Mung as choice of protein.

3.Body type:Body type is the master key for choosing the diet type. Three different patients, three different body types and one common problem of weight loss may need totally different or some times opposite meal plans.Every person has different body types which are categorised as Vata ,Pitta And Kafa type. Proper assessment of body constitution work wonders in diet plans. Vata patients need to keep away from fasting or food that has very less nutritional value. Kafa type easily  go hand in hand with little harsh diet plan than Pitta type.Pitta needs pampering with the right kind of food which will give justice to its sharp appetite and make balance of Dosha.

4.Time/frequency : Ayurveda has clear advise on time and frequency of the meal.Hunger is the more loud indication of the time for food. Respect it.One should not hold it for long and often.The ideal span between two meals should not exceed 8 hours.One should not eat if the previous meal isn’t digested.eating frequently isn’t proper.

5.Processing : The various processes can alter, reduce or enhance the original properties of the food.The basic physical and chemical structure of the food is altered after the process. The properties of milk changes with processes like curdling, churning and obtaining clarified butter. The food obtained in the course are curd ,butter ,buttermilk and ghee(clarified butter). All of these food shows different chemical and physical structure and effects after consumption. Chicken soup and barbecued chicken will both show different effects on body in terms of micro digestion and assimilation.

6.Quantity: Quantity is important as much as the properties of food. In fact they are inter dependent.If the food is heavy to digest the quantity should to moderate to less and vice versa. Most of the times people on specific diet should learn this rule.Diets like Keto, Paleo and other protein pro trends requires most of the portions as protein. Protein is heavy and comparatively difficult to digest.So make sure of the quantity of intake.Otherwise diet could be troubling. The sharp appetite blessed people can tolerate moderate to more quantity and less appetite people can bear the less quantity of the same food.So be aware of your appetite and decide the quantity.

7.Compatibility: Compatibility of one or more food together is the most logical concept which is conveniently ignored most of the times by people and dieticians.give me a break if you are mixing spinach, egg,banana, cream and what not to make a smoothie.You can not combine anything only because they all are healthy. Please do read my elaborative blogs on incompatible foods. ( blog title: Be aware disaster chef is busy. And 10 frequently asked questions about incompatible food.)If incompatible though healthy food is consumed often forget the diet benefits but be ready for many health problems.

8.Profession: Profession is the key to design and choose the food and diet plan. The more physically active profession the more chances of protein rich less carbs diet. The more sedentary professions, go and design some light and easily digestible to avoid the burden on digestion.The more stress go for antioxidant and vitamin mineral rich diet. Remember micro nutrients are protein to brain and immunity.Apply the protein theory very carefully in various profession and lifestyles.The night shift will exclusively need the Vata pacifying, Pitta opposite nature food to overcome the imbalance of biological clock.Never go for fasting or intermittent fasting or frequent meal plans.

Do go through these quick 8 steps to choose the meal and plan diet wisely and not blindly!


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