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A bowl of dead food: Today’s trend!

The most prosperous and non ending market and business today is food industry.Tomorrow it will be the same or flourished more .Health and medicine industrial growth is directly proportionate to the food industry.Does that mean the food technology creating need for medicine in society ?Food industry creating more patients or customer for medicine giants.Yes to very extent it is true unfortunately.

Food trends and health facts are the peak topics of many research papers.

Take an example of so called healthy food supplement or food.

Corn Flakes,Oats,CHOCOS etc.

These food are exclusively considered as healthy and are practiced almost every day in large quantity by majority  for every member in family.Yes children too, in fact they are the target audience in all advertisement.

These food are prepared from the extreme heat and pressure for drying the corn , rice, oat etc. This process causes dehydration (loosing natural water) and loss of almost all natural vitamins making it just a lifeless roughage. This is the reason why they need to fortify these flakes with iron, calcium and vitamins.These are synthetic vitamins and minerals so may not be absorbed by body as natural vitamins .This is weird that you first make the food nutrition less and lifeless and then add artificial nutrients in it costing it more than the original grains. Plus we also pay for the packaging advertising , models, actors and other marketing, selling cost of the manufactures company.According to the Ayurveda diet principles such overheated and dry food if consumed frequently can increase the Vata dosha in body causing malnutrition.Reducing the weight by such malnutrition never favor overall health.Added synthetic colors, flavors and extra salt is highly hazardous for health.

In some brands the dried and preserved vegetables are added . Don’t you think it is funny to eat almost mummified vegetables as healthy food. What you eat is what you are. Eating this lifeless, dried you are sure going to be malnourished . It is as simple guys !

Avoiding these ready made ,one can easily use fresh  Red Rice, many millet(Maka, Jwari Bajari Nagali Rajgira Sali lahi chivda) Lahis (flakes) which are made by traditional instant heating and in which many unhealthy processes are excluded like additional pressure , dehydration and adding synthetics,salt,sugar etc. These traditional flakes are easily available in market. Its always better to take these in less quantity and not very frequent.Shifting to the fresh local , traditional food and dishes is always favorable for health.

Some more facts to think over

  • The Glycemic index of Oat is high which increase the risk of raised Blood sugar, many diabetic patients still consume the Oat regularly
  • Added salt and sugar further increase the risk of hypertension and obesity ironically one study says.
  • Intestinal blockage – eating too much oatmeal that is under cooked or raw may create an intestinal blockage and severe constipation
  • Impaired digestion – oatmeal contains Phytic acid. Phytates chelate and make important nutrients unabsorbable by intestines. It mostly applies to calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron, however, other nutrients are affected long term as well
  • Adding milk and fruits while consuming them make them incompatible food according to Ayurveda which further causes many diseases like hyper acidity, impaired absorption, skin disorders and many more .
  • Insufficient nutrition may causes many metabolic disorders of bones, joints and even hormone imbalance.

Once in while when no good option , in travel or in unavoidable situations only , otherwise stop buying these guys !Your grocery bill, Your shopping cart and your cupboards will be happy to miss them too.

I showed only the tip of the Iceberg of Ready To Eat food industry in this blog. In further blogs we will see many more interesting scandal that happen with innocent natural grain, meat, plants,fruits and other food.

Keep simple Keep traditional while you eat !

(Above write up belongs to Dr. Rupali Panse. Images from internet.)

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