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A cup of kadha( herbal tea) can keep a doctor away

My Marathi blog about the Ayurvedic kadha (decoction) for immune support, raised interest of many non Marathi readers and they asked for the English version for the same. Here is the blog.

Covid 19 pandemic globally made us realized the need of holistic medicine very clearly. Urgent need is to find the vaccine against the Corona is  short term goal right now. But there are thousands of strains of microorganism and we cannot vaccinate ourself aginst each one. It is highly impossible thing. Training our immune system to fight using natural immunity is the best and eternal solution. It is not a job of a day. Regular small efforts and making it a part of lifestyle is the correct measure. As a part of many measures to boost the immune system, AYUSH ministry India  has come up with the combination of some kitchen spices in form of decoction.

The formulation is too simple to believe ,cost effective and anybody with even no skills can prepare it. Its just like making a cup of tea. Declaring this as one of the simplest practise made many people raise their eyebrows with surprise. Most of them ridiculed and asked for medicine to cure in stead of some herbal tea.

Food as medicine may be the most ancient and most unique theory from Ayurveda. These simple kitchen spices has won the attention and love of thousands of scientists and pharmacist for their extraordinary properties against the much wider range of microorganisms and disease.

Wondering what ? Lets get to know more about this ‘kadha’.

Basil leaves (tulsi ) + Dry ginger powder +Cinnamon+Black pepper( kali mirch)+Black current(kali munnaka) + Jaggery(gud)  boiled on low flame (No microwave boiling ) in glass or stainless steel container just like tea makes Immunity boosting decoction( herbal tea).Strain ,serve hot or warm in glass or steel container. Early morning is the best time to start the day with this kadha.

immunomodulation properties of the ingredients:

  1. Basil (Tulasi leaves): Tulasi known for its  antimicrobial, antipyretic( fever reducing),antibacterial properties is a herb of choice in countless ayurveda medicines. Any indian home welcomes their guest with the Tulasi plant in front of door. Its mere presence in home is supposed to keep the sorrouding germ free with its strong odor. from Simple common cold to asthma it is best protective herb for almost all diseases related to respiratory system from nose to lungs.
  2. Black pepper (kali mirch): Piperine present in black pepper has bagged hundreds of research papers in its name, as a potent immunomodulatory spice against many allergic diseases and immunity related acute and chronic conditions. It acts as antioxidant and saves destruction of cells. Black pepper are anti inflammatory , relieves the pain , improves the digestion, increases the Agni, boosts the absorption of ingredients, good for gut health.
  3. Dry Ginger :Dry Ginger is the beloved herb of any Ayurveda doctor. This Ninja warrior can fight simple indigestion to scary rheumatoid arthritis. Gingerol is the active ingredient and dry ginger can keep immunity fit by time to time excretion of toxins created during metabolism. Dry ginger is potent painkiller, antipyretic, antimicrobial, relieves cholic pain, antidiarrheal, antiemetic( reduce vomiting). It takes care from stomach to uterus  and nose to colon.
  4. Cinnamon(Dalchini): Cinnamon with its active aromatic oil is found as antimutagenic spice by modern researchers. Antimutagenic means its able to reduce and arrest the abnormal cells production like tumor in cancer. Cinnamon can impact the metabolism and stimulates the micro digestion, absorption and assimilation. It is helpful in reducing the swelling and burning in various cells.
  5. Blackcurrants (kali munakka): this dried fruit is praised among the most healthy fruits in Ayurvedic texts. Black current has pacifying effects on Three physiological doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kafa). The seed oil acts vasculopratector on blood vessels. Immunity is foundational in blood cells and blackcurrant is known for the cure of many blood related imparment and patholgical conditions. It is very helpful in restoring the weakened immunity and strength in minor or major disease.

Now we can see this combination as a scientific selection of wisely chosen simple easily accessible ingredient. Remember no one claim this as medicine on COVID19 or any other disease. It is a simple measure to keep your Tridosha fit and immunity active. Always consult the doctor for medical condition. Feel free to email or comment if any doubt or more information.

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