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A query: Food allergies and Bone health!

The Sunday blogs have connected with many regular readers who revert back with further questions, experiences and more curiosity about the topic.Most of the times i try to satisfy the queries one on one.
These queries and answer may help others too.
So trying to put some  of such queries with the answers in forth coming blogs.
Today\’s blog is a such query from one of the reader in Kolkata.
Her query is
I have milk and milk products allergy. How can i maintain the calcium level to keep my bone and joint health? 
Even though you have milk and milk product\’ s allergy , there is wide range of food available that can take care of the bone and joint health.
  • Dried fruits like almonds, dried dates , dry figs, apricot are rich sources of needed essential fat , vitamins and calcium too.
  • Use of coconut, flax seeds, fenugreek seeds are good for joint health.
  • Cereals like green mung ,lentils are good source of protein and vitamins too. Chick peas, barley millet are good for bone health.
  • Ragi flakes, amaranths flakes are good for Bone health.
  • Proper quantity of desi ghee ( homemade or any reliable source)  and oil should be given importance. It is very essential to maintain the lubricating fluid in joints.Castor oil consumed in small quantity for some days for joint health is advisable on consultation with Ayurveda physician.
  • Restricted use of ghee and oil many times increases the Vata dosha which in turn causes the joint pain and other disorders of bone and joints.
  • Since you are from Bengal and regularly consume fish and other non vegeterian diet the micro nutrients need is satisfied by this.But do remember the dos and donts about non vegeterian diet according to Ayurveda.
  • Apart from diet there are important factors which affect the overall bone health.Regular , suitable exercise is importnt to keep the mobility of the joints intact.
  • Regular application of warm seasame oil to the joints should be included in daily practise. Ayurveda Panchkarma therapy like Basti is exclusive to prevent and cure bone disorders and restoring the joint health.One should always avail the benefit of this treatment with proper consultation.
  • The age you mentioned  us suggestive of the menopausal phase so you should take more care of bone health. Simple herbs or kitchen spices like dried ginger, Cumin seeds , Mustard seeds , Turmeric are good for relieving pain reducing the joint swelling etc. One should get these home remedies properly done by validating their use with your family Ayurveda physician.
These simple adaptations in lifestyle and diet can play miracle in keeping the bone health!
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2 thoughts on “A query: Food allergies and Bone health!”

  1. Evenif one isn’t suffering from milk allergy consumtion of ordinary milk is not advised these days. How far do you advise A2 milk which is very costly ? And how can you verify that it is A2? Is little amount of ordinary milk in tea twice a day also harmful ?

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