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An affair with the inner self : Part 2

An affair with your own mind is the most complicated relationship sometimes… the story is being revealed!

In previous blog we saw how the body type or prakriti and Vata, Pitta , Kafa has influence on the psychology of an individual. Please refer the following link to read the first part of the story.

In this part of blog we will see the other factors that are responsible for the imbalance or altering the psychology.

Ayurveda has detail chapter in Charaka Samhita in which the mind, its relation with the brain senses and behavior , the factors affecting the normal function of mind , how mind can play crucial role in keeping one emotionally well or otherwise, are put and explained

what is the reason of  emotional Pain? what are the reasons behind the emotional pain ? what are the steps for the pathology of the psychological imbalance?

whenever I read this particular topic in Charaka every time a sense of pride and thrill runs through my blood . What an absolute summation of all the factors related to psychology.

lets see one by one . After the prakriti the persons Intellect (Budhhi in sanskrit language ) is responsible for the behavior whether normal or unacceptable. 

In Ayurveda the intellect or Budhhi is further classified in three type as

  • Dhee (धी): The capacity of human intellect to recognize, interpret and analyze  the information that five senses generate is called as Dhee. We can term it as sensory  knowledge.This analyzed information is stored in the brain .
  • Dhruti(धृती): In sanskrit Dhruti literally means to hold . The intellect that holds or stores the sensory information in the brain cells is termed as Dhruti in Ayurveda
  • Smriti(स्मृती ): The stored information needs to be re utilized in future.The intellect which derives the data backup from brain cells is called as Smriti  which means memory.

These three together are called as Intellectual Quotient (IQ).

Recently  two terms are used often in psychology Emotional quotient(EQ) and Spiritual quotient(SQ).

The persons having same IQ may show different EQ and SQ. The behavior pattern of the same IQ bearing persons can be drastically different. What will be the reason for this unusual phenomenon?

Ayurveda do have answer and it has already elaborated in the topic of Budhhi. Despite of the same IQ the overall intellect also depends upon the quality or values on which the intellect is nourished. Ayurveda termed this specific factors as Satva(सत्व )( (positive impacts on intellect ) , Raj (रज)((highly vulnerable and acute impacts on intellect) and Tam (तम्) ((negative impacts on intellect ). These three represent the impact of good , positivity , progression , ambition , empathy and the opposite of all these too . Just like prakriti these three properties of intellect has impact on psyche of human being . the Tam gun or property dominant person is prone for the behavior problem and satva guna dominant person is composed and thoughtful while behaving. These three reflects on the persons EQ and SQ. e.g. if a person has high IQ but the person is tam or raj property dominant then his EQ and SQ will be low . His intellectual quotient will not determine the psychological profile but his EQ and SQ will definitely predict his behavior and probable future psychological problems . That is why SQ and EQ is important .

That is why the three guna (Triguna त्रिगुण  : satva , raj , tama) which directly have impact on intellect is important .

Take away message from this blog is that along with the physical body type ( prakriti) the intellect and the three factors that decide the positive or negative traits of the intellect or Budhhi play crucial role in psychology of human being and affects the human behavior too.

The the next part of the blog will be a typical Love triangle of mind , intellect and the 5 senses with inevitable entry of some notorious villains too. 

Please feel free to ask ,suggest and take time out to express your views in comment section.

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(The above write up belongs to the author Dr.Rupali Panse.The act of sharing the knowledge with due credit to the blog author will be appreciated. Image source internet)

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2 thoughts on “An affair with the inner self : Part 2”

  1. Rajesh Lakhanpaul

    Dr. Panse
    you are doing good work for awakening on ayurvedic principles. I would request you to include the modes to train the mind that can change tamu gun to satav gun.

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