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Baby, …who moved my ham !!!

There is a universal war, tongue vs gut . I am sure most of the time it is tongue that takes over the poor gut.Lets take an example of the universally loved food Ham. Ham is one of the types of red meat .

Red met is  the meat of any adult mammal. e.g. cows, sheep, calves, lamb, pigs, horses. The highly improved technologies in food industry often introduces the tastier, temptingly attractive forms of food which include(many times unhealthy non acceptable methods) preservation and alteration of the original form of the food.

Nutritional facts about ham or any red meat 

Rich source of protein and Vitamin B12 ,iron , zinc ,phosphorous and Vitamin D, Antioxidant properties

The nutritional value of red meat made it a famous and largely consumed food worldwide until some research news , articles and statistics about red meat causing some serious illness ,sometimes life threatening started making rounds .

Some less focused and discussed facts about Red meat 

  • Higher level of myoglobin( which targets organs like kidneys, heart, muscles)
  • Concentration of cytotoxic lipids
  • During the course of digestion red meat produce carcinogens like N-nitro-so compounds (NOCs) (cancer causing substances)
  • Heme iron that gives meat its red color may promote carcinogenesis due to its ability to increase cell proliferation (abnormal growth of cells) in the mucosa.
  • Neu5Gc,is a type of sugar molecule  that has been found in high levels in cancerous tissues but isn’t produced by the human body – indicating that it comes from our diet. Neu5Gc is naturally produced in most mammals, but humans are the exception.
  • When researchers measured the amount of Neu5Gc in various foods, they found that red meat had especially high levels. Beef, bison, pork and lamb had the greatest amount of this type of sugar molecules. (Poultry, fish (with the exception of caviar), vegetables and fruits lacked Neu5Gc)
  • Red meat can harm the immune profile due to these facts ,results inviting some serious immune disorders and allergies.

The  processes like salting, cooling, high temperature dehydrating( drying), adding chemical preservatives or taste enhancers can make the tempting ham on your plate loose its vitamins , along with adverse effects of the synthetic substances used.

Diseases that are linked with high consumption of due to red meat

      • Diabetics type 2
      • Cancer ( colon, pancreas, breast, endometrial, stomach, esophagus )
      • Arthritis , immune disorders
      • Hypertension , cardiovascular diseases
      • Obesity

Solution tips :

  • Make a habit of variety of food
  • Balanced combination of fruits, vegetables , cereals , grains
  • To cut down the quantity of red meat add poultry meat
  • Avoid  preserved shelf food
  • Adapt fresh cook and eat habit

Interestingly thousands of years ago Ayurveda in its detail food theories describe the same properties of red meat .Apart form its nutrinonal value Ayurveda enlists red meat in the to avoid food items. Also in some particular religion pork and beef is supposed to be strictly not to be practised for eating .

Guys ….who moved my ham pain is more bearable than who moved my joy of health ….isn\’t it?

Stay healthy , stay blessed !!!!!

for more information , queries and experiences feel free to comment and share .

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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing information , I am and my family are vegetarian and all vitamins , proteins are in vegetarian food.

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