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Beauty can be a sword , beauty can heal too…

Beauty has various shades .It is enchanting sometimes, it is glorious , it is loving .

Beauty can make you feel loved ,beauty can make you feel small too. Beauty sometimes gives a sense of security and belonging but beauty sometimes is larger than words and world which can make you feel left aside.

Beauty can heal , beauty can open your wounds too. Beauty can be medicine , beauty can be a sword too.Some perfections are hard to love and many imperfections are itself the beauties .

I feel all these shades of beauties when i witness all them in the two most wonderful lakes i have seen in my life . Pangong Tsa  and Tsomoriri , lakes in Leh, India.

The first glimpse of Pangong Tsa was like sharp wound in the heart . Irresistible scream was the underacted  reaction by me.

As the various sharp turns took us closer to the beauty the feeling of being inferior started drooling over  in blood . Wide eyes catching and storing the enchanting blue beauty , heartbeats were raised .It was something larger than life , larger and more beautiful than anyone can imagine but still the soul was not involved . I couldn’t blink the eyes as what was lying before my eyes was beyond the words and like belonging to the some other world of dreams.I felt mesmerized but detached with the whole thing .

I was moved by the unbelieving factor of that beautiful shades but it was my senses not my soul . There was a fearful respect and admiration towards that beauty and given a chance i would have hesisted to hug that beauty .

My soul was touched by Tsomoriri .

The whole journey to the Tsomoriri was a journey  within myself. The assuring company of River Indus(Sindhu) throughout the road was like a cute bubbly friend hands in hand . The polite changes in her course were not only soothing to the eyes but they were evidences of her struggle and win to flow and make life exist in adversity. I could see a  woman in her. A caring , going on, carrying responsibility to survive and to give life. A smile that can win and assure thousand hearts ,was her beauty. Her blue color was far fade from Pangong lake but that humble green blue had power to tell my soul that life is simple just keep on track and smile and be patient.

The first encounter with the Beauty of Tsomoriri was a voice . As we reach our destination hut, it was a voiceless surrounding. In my life i had never faced such voiceless peace.I could even hear my ownb reathing loud and suddenly soft voices of some ladakhi local song came from nowhere . Far away we could saw some dot like human figures in a very small farm. It was hard to believe that the voices were coming from so far . It was the purest feeling of satisfaction i can ever have by voice.

Witnessing the Tsomoriri and the locals and the life over there was a hard slap to my views towards life. Tsomoriri changed me a lot.

Tsomoriri taught ,”It is so easy to be simple and it is so simple to be easy in Life.” The pure, simple, easy and raw beauty touched my soul . Crying frequently  on her banks was the best way i can react or express things out of me.

I was /am not able to sort , analyze, myself as a person , in fact never felt the need to do so. Tsomoriri did it, without my conscious and knowledge and could feel the healing happen.

Yes Beauty does have shades ! some touches you , some changes you, some makes you feel lost and some helps you find yourself.

Yes Beauty does have shades!

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