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Because, sleep solves everything…zzzzzz

Are you a night creature who think staying awake late nights is fun? Planning for a late night party?  Are u missing on your regular sleep? Are you hitting whole night for the study ? Do u work in night shifts?

Then you should read this ….

15 amazing facts, why we need sleep :

  1. Healing is the key to health and happiness.Each cell in the body restore, repairs and regenerate itself during sleep.Natural killer cells which are important part of immunity are active in sleep.
  2. Metabolic rate is reduced during the sleep to combat the damage of cells during the day time.Metabolic toxins are removed and required growth hormones are secreted in blood during the sleep.
  3. Normal and adequate night sleep replenishes the functions of five senses(eyes, ear, nose, skin tongue) , loss of sleep or inadequate sleep for long can harm the sensory functions.
  4. Stress hormones, blood sugar level are reduced in sleep. This reduced the chance of hypertension.Loss of sleep causes mental and physical fatigue along with loss of appetite and indigestion.
  5. Less important memories are erased and the required memories are stored in the permanent form in brain during sleep.This is an important process in learning , adapting and creative problem solving and skills developing.
  6. Prominent pattern of 24 hour sleep wake cycle (biological clock) decides the immunity. Night sleep plays important role in keeping this rhythm normal.
  7. Loss of sleep , improper sleep suppresses Natural killer cells(anti cancer cells ) and alters the function of T helper cell which is harmful and can cause different  immune disorders .
  8. Loss of sleep or improper sleep can induce a persistent chronic low-grade inflammation, and decreased immunity.
  9. Chronic loss of sleep and inadequate sleep can lead to sexual dysfunction due to tense tiredness.
  10. Death rate higher in persons who sleeps less thany 6 hrs or sleep more than 9 hrs regularly than the group which sleeps 7-8 hrs.It was an interesting research study on data bases.
  11. If you miss on one night sleep ,the changes in the immunity  at cellular level in blood takes approximate 7 days to come to normal. Estimate the harm and loss who frequently take less sleep or stay awake late. This is certainly a major threat to the immunity.
  12. Ayurveda states sleep equally important as food and exsercise for life. Strength , beauty, health, long life are the blessings of sleep.
  13.  During sleep vaat dosha and pitta dosha which are active in day time and responsible for almost all metabolic reactions are reduced.  Kaf dosha in sleep is dominant to heal and restore the cellular damage and promote the growth.
  14. Kaf prakriti people sleep easily and more. Vaat prakriti people generally have disturbed and less sleep. Pitta prakriti people cannot tolerate missing on sleep. Every dosha has influence of sleep on it .
  15. Sleep during day or sleep more than 8 hrs affects kaf and pitta prakriti people more than the vaat prakriti.In the same manner, the loss of sleep affects more of vaat and pitta prakriti where as kaf prakriti people can tolerate it to some extent.

The short elaboration of role of sleep shows how important the regular timely sleep is.  But  what if one cannot avoid some situations where the sleep is not regular and to rhythm of the biological clock i.e. timely night sleep.

Ayurveda science has detailed reference about sleep as whole. The good and the bad effects on the health along with the solutions is described. Sleep has specific role on every dosha (Vaat, Pitta and Kaf Dosha). The regular adequate sleep according the prakriti dosha keeps every dosha and system in body at its normal state. The loss of sleep, untimely sleep, more sleep , day sleep have a significant role in creating various disease in body . The reasons are already listed above .While treating any patient the Ayurveda consultant take the sleep factor in consideration as people in general are not aware of the above facts.

Some dos n don’ts about sleep

  • Regular time for sleep is important as it decides the pattern of body’s clock. Less than 6 hrs and more than 9 hr sleep is considered abnormal sleep.
  • The listed benefits of sleep are of night sleep. As the sun sets melatonin hormone is secreted in absence of sunlight which induces the sleep and all other favorable changes in blood and body. So night sleep is very important. The level of hormone is at peak till midnight after that it decreases. So the first part of sleep before midnight is important.
  • Day sleep immediately after food is contraindicated in Ayurvedic text as it may lead to various digestion impairment and production of toxins leading to kaf dosha imbalance and various other disorders due to this increased kaf dosha.
  • In situations where it is must to sleep in day time like in some persons working in night shift sleep before the food is advisable.

Ayurveda theory to treat the loss of sleep and related problem:

  • Shirodhara is the best therapy  in practice to improve the sleep and sleep related disorders.
  • Abhyang : selected herbal  oil made form herbs massage to distress the physical and mental fatigue
  • Head massage, foot massage, ear drops of herbs , nasal drops ) to restore the sense organs at normal state
  • Nasya(nasal drops) and netra basti(herbal eye drops)  can be used as  parallel treatment to take care  of the sense organs  due to the deprivation of sleep.
  • Meditation and music therapy can also help patient to sleep calm
  • Diet according to the person’s body constitution and routine.
  • Herbal preparation in the form of ghrit ( ghee) , powder, oil or tablets are used . Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), shatavari(Asparagus racemosus) , jatamansi(Nardostachysjatamans) , ashwagandha(Withania somnifera) are some of the commonly used herbs.

These therapies are practiced to restore the loss done by improper sleep, to  improve the Agni ( metabolic reactions)  reduce the malaise and  heaviness, pacify the  abnormal kaf , Vaat and pitta dosha .

The therapies improve the circadian rhythm to induce the sleep and achieve the good effects of sleep  .The proper circulation of blood and lymphatic’s due to massage enhances hormonal axis too which restores the immune function of body .

Queries, experiences, discussions are welcome.For consultation drop words in comments or mail.

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