Breast cancer awareness ! Need of time

दुर्लक्ष आणि संकोच ! मृत्यूस आमंत्रण! उशिरा झालेले निदान हे आज भारतात स्तनाच्या कर्करोगामुळे (कॅन्सर) झालेल्या महिला रुग्णांच्या मृत्यूचे मुख्य कारण आहे. स्तनांच्या कर्करोगाचे (कॅन्सर) लवकरात लवकर झालेले निदान हे पेशंट चा जिव वाचवण्यासाठी तसेच उपचारांची उपयुक्तता वाढविण्यात मोलाचे असते.सद्य उपलब्ध आणि सर्वात जास्त वापरल्या जाणाऱ्या प्रचलित निदान प्रकारांमध्ये कर्करोग (कॅन्सर) झाल्यावर तो झाला आहे … Continue reading Breast cancer awareness ! Need of time

Mom , why can’t we watch adult movies?

Teenage questions and awkward parents is a very common scene in everyhome i guess. Parenting is not a joke. But the questions should not be discouraged but answer them tactfully. Read more in the blog

Dr.Rupali Panse

It was an usual evening pick ups and drops of kids to their classes for me. Causally changed the radio station in car.The famous “O Chitta Ve,,  …” was being played i raised the volume. My son (8 .6 yrs old),” Mom, change the song ,Udta Punjab a dirty movie, isn’t it ?” I was expecting this question sooner or later.

I sarcastically said , “Ask your sister .Her friends must have told her the detail story with all about Shahid and his hairstyle.”

 She always tells me how, few of her friends go and watch almost every movie with their parents and how we don’t watch movies frequently. I really felt worried when I heard some movie names they watched with their parents. Poor little innocent brains fed with these stuffs. ‘Sab chalta hai , kids nowadays know all” cannot be an excuse to take them along with you parents…

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A bowl of dead food: Today’s trend!

Are we following food trends blindly …….. open your eyes and read

Dr.Rupali Panse

The most prosperous and non ending market and business today is food industry.Tomorrow it will be the same or flourished more .Health and medicine industrial growth is directly proportionate to the food industry.Does that mean the food technology creating need for medicine in society ?Food industry creating more patients or customer for medicine giants.Yes to very extent it is true unfortunately.

Food trends and health facts are the peak topics of many research papers.

Take an example of so called healthy food supplement or food.

Corn Flakes,Oats,CHOCOS etc.

oatsThese food are exclusively considered as healthy and are practiced almost every day in large quantity by majority  for every member in family.Yes children too, in fact they are the target audience in all advertisement.

These food are prepared from the extreme heat and pressure for drying the corn , rice, oat etc. This process causes dehydration (loosing natural water) and…

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Taste rides in Kutch : Food tips!

    No trip is worth if the taste of the local cuisine is not more strong and linger longer than the memories of site seeing. My friend Jyo and myself recently visited the Kutch, Gujart ,India.Food people and places were the preference sequences on our list. The moment we landed in Bhuj airport, i … Continue reading Taste rides in Kutch : Food tips!

“Brain on meditation mode :Shirodhara!”

"I cant believe my son can sleep so calm ....... its magic or what." Screaming with happiness my patient's mother almost hugged me.  6 yrs old Kartik ,a patient of epilepsy and a bright hyperactive child was showing progress after i introduced Shirodhara along with the medicines. It was a tough job not less than … Continue reading “Brain on meditation mode :Shirodhara!”

छोटी मूठ ,मोठी भूक :बाळाचा आहार!

छोटी मूठ ,मोठी भूक :बाळाचा आहार! राष्ट्रीय पोषण सप्ताह लेख क्रमांक ५ . सुरुवातीचे ३ ते ४ महिने आईचे स्तन्य बाळाचे पोषण आणि वाढ यासाठी समर्थ असतात.बाळाचे वजन उत्तम वाढत असेल आईला दूध उत्तम येत असेल तर सहा महिने पूर्ण होईस्तोवर केवळ आईचे दूध देणे अतिशय आदर्श होय.जोवर बाळाला पहिले दात येत नाही तोवर अर्थातच … Continue reading छोटी मूठ ,मोठी भूक :बाळाचा आहार!

बाळंतिणीचा आहार: उत्तम स्तन्याचा पाया !

बाळंतिणीचा आहार: उत्तम स्तन्याचा पाया ! राष्ट्रीय पोषण सप्ताह लेख ३. बाळाचा जन्म झाल्यावर नाळेद्वारे मिळणारे पोषण पुढे आईच्या स्तन्यातून मिळते. स्तन्य निर्मिती हि नैसर्गिक क्रिया असली तरी मातेचा आहार, जीवनशैली तिची शारीरिक आणि मानसिक काळजी या गोष्टी स्तन्य निर्मिती वाढविण्यास उपकारक ठरतात.आजच्या लेखात थोड्यक्यात मातेचा आहार ,विहार कसा असावा ते बघू. सूतिकापरिचर्या म्हणजे बाळंत … Continue reading बाळंतिणीचा आहार: उत्तम स्तन्याचा पाया !

Spread it healthy way!

The need to know better about the food we eat can help alter the bad food habits. If we are eating large portion of our meal which is processed or preserved with loaded non organic things, we are simply not making progress but lowering the values of lifestyles.

Dr.Rupali Panse

“Every alternate day i give chapati role with cheese spread with various flavors in

lunch box.”A regular patient’s mother .

“This much frequent use of cheese spreads and other ready to use spread isn’t good for your 5 year old son” i was trying to explain .”Once in a while you can treat him with it but it shouldn’t be the regular tiff-in stuff, Dear”

“What you are saying ,i understand but then what should i give him , any alternative?

Sometimes we are so busy in understanding unwinding the complex , far things that we overlook the simple things close or in front of us that blow us with their wonders. When i say try to avoid ready to eat food its my duty to give access to some good alternative to my patients , that too not complicated and easy to make and yes most important tasty too.


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For my sweet tooth

माझ्या गोडाच्या सवयीची सोय ! गरज आणि कुतूहल हि शोधाची जननी आहे असे म्हणतात. अगदी असेच माझ्या जवळजवळ सगळ्या पोस्ट्स ची जननी माझे पेशंट आहेत असे मी म्हंटले तर त्यात काही अतिशयोक्ती नक्कीच नाही.त्यांच्या मेंदूचा कायम ऑन असणारा अँटेना पुढचा ब्लॉग कशावर लिहावा असा प्रश्न पडूच देत नाही कारण त्यांचे प्रश्न कायम तयार असतात. पेशंट … Continue reading For my sweet tooth