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 Corona Calamity: How Ayurveda can help?

The current threat to humanity and challenge to medical world made many people to think about the ancient medicine.

There are two extreme groups in this chaos. Group A thinks there is no way traditional medicine can prove helpful, modern medicine is the ultimate thing. Group B thinks there is magic remedy in traditional medicine and follows blindly to anybody claiming so.

Both are sticking to wrong faiths.

It is high time for humankind to understand the limitation and scope of any medical science. It is high for us to think beyond me myself. It is high time to protect others in order to be alive. It is high time to put aside all hate and come together for each other.

It is always better to get your doubts and myths checked from the authority person or source. Being an Ayurveda doctor and blogger, my patients and readers are asking for remedies to cure and prevent the Corona infection.

Many of them are wondering why am I not posting any tips regarding this? Many of them want to know that what is the stand of Ayurveda science and Ayurveda practitioners in current situation?

In this blog I am trying to put some theories, some question answers and some do donts

Is there any reference of Corona virus or any other virus in Ayurveda?

Thousands of years ago also there were microorganisms’ bacteria and viruses. They could cause various fatal diseases in mankind like today. Terminology, methods of diagnosis and treatment modalities were different from today but apt for that epoch. Diseases caused by such organisms are termed as Agnatuj vyadhi (i.e. external disorders) Causative factors were termed as, Visha (toxins), Bhuta (external physical Harmful foreign body), Sukshma Kitaka(microscopic insects/organism )etc.

The terminology may seem irrelevant to this time, but it was highly precise and correct to the disease caused. So, there may not be word as virus or bacteria but many diseases whose symptoms match to epidemic diseases like plague, cholera, tuberculosis, flue can be seen in the Ayurvedic texts.

Is there any antidote, vaccine or remedy to cure Corona in Ayurveda?

Ayurveda treats the person based on individuality and not based on diagnosis alone. No, this is not weakness of the science in fact it is the strength of Ayurveda science. You may not get any single medicine, herb or formulation that kills viruses or act as vaccine. But there are time tested guidelines to treat the patients suffering from such illnesses bearing a bunch of symptoms.  So anybody claiming that this particular medicine will cure corona for sure  is untrue. But that doesn’t mean Ayurveda cannot help in Corona chaos.

Are there anything mentioned about contagious disorders in Ayurveda?

Absolutely , there are thorough references. The spread of diseases due to touching, sneezing, contaminated food, water air, wearing each other’s clothes, using each other’s utensils, not maintaining personal hygiene are discussed in some diseases.

How can Ayurveda  help us in current situation?

Its never late. Its always good time to start good things. Ayurveda science advocates healthy lifestyle through Dincharya (daily routine), Rutucharya (seasonal routine), prakriti ( lifestyle according to individual body type).

Remember Rome was not built in a single night may sound a cliche, but indeed we cannot acquire immunity in one day or week. But a regular effort towards it will be wise thing to do right now.

On personal level how can Ayurveda help?

  • Get in touch with your Ayurveda doc and ask about what is Dincharya/Rutucharya /Prakriti. You are welcome to bother me anytime for this on email
  • Get your personalized routine for ideal food and lifestyle.
  • Start practicing the personal hygiene healthcare practices like Nasya (nasal instillation of oil)/udvartana (herbal powder as soap) / Abhyanga (regular oil massage)/ Gandusha (ayurvedic gargles) etc.
  • Regular personal hygiene habits with respects to the ear wax, nose, nails, haircuts, all external orifices is most important and given stress in Ayurveda in Swasthvrutta concept (personal and community hygiene)
  • Ayurveda has described some code of conducts related to mental health and behavior. They are of prime importance to keep immunity intact and prevent physical diseases too. Ask about them (cant write everything in single post).
  • Never ever hold or suppress these 13 natural urges. Those are hunger, thirst , tears, sneezing, coughing, yawning, burps, fart, urination, defecation, sleep, ejaculation and vomit. Doing so frequently definitely causes many diseases and weaken immunity.
  • Exercise regularly not too hard but moderate.
  • Practice time tested herbal combination like ‘Chyavanprasha’ regularly . Authentic Chyavanprasha from doctors will be of good choice.
  • Ask your doctors for herbal combinations to increase immunity of respiratory tract. Basil(Tulasi), Neem, Haldi (Turmeric) , Dry ginger(Shunti), Black Pepper( kali mirchi ) , piper longum(Pippali) are some herbs one should regularly include in diet
  • Using herbal Dhup is beneficial as many of us know. The smoke inhalation should be avoided by people allergic or asthmatic and older or babies.
  • Digestion is very important and many times neglected as we think respiratory tract is the target system. Look for digestion and avoid too sweet, heavy, stale, sour and incompatible food. For incompatible food concept kindly look for my blog on the same.

How can Ayurveda help to the patients admitted or infected with Corona?

It is high time for government to let  Ayurveda science expert share the load on medical community .

  • Symptoms like shortness of breath, fever, cough etc in the patients not on ventilator can be effectively controlled and relived in a certain mild to moderate risk patient groups. This will cut short the hospitalization time and relive the unnecessary burden on medical sector.
  • Prevention and arresting relapse is very important. Ayurveda medicine and food can certainly help in that.
  • An expert Ayurveda team under the strict regulation but necessary freedom can prepare the Ayurveda self care kit which may contain herbal preparation in standard quality and dosages for general use, booklet of safety measures and guidelines in simple language. It is difficult to work together in given time and limitations but not impossible. City, town, area wise selected doctors will contribute at their best level for community.
  • We all have seen the effective results of Ayurveda herbs to maintain platelet count in Dengue fever wave. It’s the right time for pharmacist, microbiologists and Ayurveda experts to collaborate, work and bring one or more effective combinations in standardized form, at least for some lifesaving symptom relief in Corona disease. Parallel progress will be fruitful, and millions will be benefited.
  • Efficacy of some antimicrobial, insecticide, anti-inflammatory, antiviral herbs can easily be established. Extracts, solutions and medicine can be used on large scale as internal remedies and for external sanitation .
  • Along with the current treatment protocol and medicines, Ayurveda herbs can be of huge benefit in preventing adverse effects of modern/Allopathy medicine, prevent complications and establish earliest recovery.

This is the right time to bring Ayurveda medicine and theories to cope with Corona Calamity !Above expressed thoughts belongs to my limited knowledge. Ayurveda is great and capable of more than what I wrote.Kindly share or forward the blog as it is and donot change the matter or author name and other details.

Dr. Rupali Panse



Orlando ,Florida

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1 thought on “ Corona Calamity: How Ayurveda can help?”

  1. Very good blog. I would love to follow Ayurved lifestyle. I have already discontinued the use of soaps and shampoos and facial creams and Talcs. I have started using coconut oil for head and body massage and Utane for bath.

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