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Dare not push this alarm on snooze!

 Blog : Gene is a loaded gun ,don’t push the trigger of lifestyle ! part 2

The most common routine thing among the youngster and teenagers is that they don’t have any routine. The young are busy to get updated about everything outside but they knew nothing about Biological clock within themselves.

 While following all the hashtags and trends, they chose to look away from what’s trending inside their own body and mind. From hair color to shoes they wear latest and branded. But following health and lifestyle they are ages behind and stranded!


When  we start talking about Lifestyle the first word comes in every mind is Diet or food. Yes food is one of the important segment of good lifestyle. But to get benefits of good food the body should be in harmony. To maintain this harmony one important thing we always forget. It is Sleep. Yes sleep is a very neglected but highly important part of a good life style.

Sleep is responsible for many major or minor activities happening every second while we are asleep and do nothing.

Let’s say following things to ourselves. Let’s just not say but make it a routine.

  • Its not Okay if I am going bed late often. By doing so I am being rude to the Melatonin hormone which secrets in the body in darkness. This means my all bodily works should be slower down. Melatonin makes me sleepy. The sleep is much needed healing time for all the damage done in my body throughout the day. If I am staying awake despite I am sleepy I am coming in between the very important immunity building and other important metabolic things. I am helping the enemies( lessen immunity) by interfering my own internal fighter army cells. I am going to cost for it sooner or later and that too a high price. This price may hamper my life and joy.
  • Its not Okay to miss sleeps, because one night\’s less sleep make huge immunity damage. It takes at least three days to overcome those damages and bring immunity back at normal. Imagine if I miss on my sleeps often what will happen to my immunity and strength.
  • Its not Okay if someday I sleep early, someday late and someday woke up late. By doing this I am confusing my own circadian rhythm (biological clock) and other important systems in body such as digestive system. My hunger is dependent on the many digestive enzymes which further needs command from brain. If my body cloak is not in harmony ,the brain cannot be synchronized with the other systems in body. That’s why I feel heavy, weak ,sluggish after such bouts of irregular sleeps. My motion is irregular, constipated and appetite is decreased.

Very less sleep often ,can have impact on my growth, skin, beauty and cognition too. Less concentration , more episodes of many illnesses, and bunked important sessions certainly will cut short the overall growth, physical as well overall as a person.

Untimely day sleep or sleeping abnormally long can also come in the way of body clock.

  • Its Not Okay If I consume stimulants like Coffee,Tea or tobacco to keep myself awake for studies,work or anything when I need to be awake. They are gonna push me in acid pool and many other digestive problems other than hyper acidity.
  • Its not Okay if I think I am young and I can be healthy in any way I do things.
  • Its not Okay to stay awake late for any peer pressure or gang chats.
  • Its Not Okay if I follow social media trends but neglects the notifications from my own inner Soulbook.
  • Its not Okay if I am dealing the heartbreaks, breakups, stress, worries by staying awake and not finding appropriate solutions for them.

Okay apart from NO  things .These are cool things you can say

  • Its Cool if I refuse the regularly occurring late night plans and try to be in for very few.
  • Its Cool if I don’t binge watch Netflix whole night for hours. Its very cool in fact.
  • Its Cool if I don’t play Online games or surf endless in night.
  • Its Cool if I go to bed early and on time. Its super cool !
  • Its Cool if I get up early in the morning for studies and not stay awake late in night
  • Its Cool if I am working on some lifestyle solution to get over the problems due to sleep irregularities.
  • Its Cool if I make necessary good changes in food and other lifestyle if it is must for me to keep late in nights.
  • Its Cool if I keep my mobile and other screens away before I go to bed. (Reality bites hard to follow I know)
  • Its Cool if I am giving my sleep importance over other fun things.
  • Its Cool if I am being health conscious

Most of all ……

  • Its Cool if I share and discuss this with my friends .
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4 thoughts on “Dare not push this alarm on snooze!”

  1. You have exactly pin pointed the problem and provided solutions. I liked the language that you have used, it will appeal this generation.

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