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Excuse me,dear bothering Obesity!

Does my Obesity affect my life quality?

Obesity is the abnormal increase in weight, accumulation of fat tissues around waist ,abdomen and thighs. This increase in weight and fat deposition does not only hamper the overall look of the person. Apart from the cosmetic reasons obesity affects the health and the quality of life in many ways. Here are some of adverse effects of obesity .

  • Reduced life span: The disturbed metabolism causes the abnormal fat accumulation on body. Any impairment in the digestion, absorption and further in tissue metabolism is a warm invitation to various serious illness in the body. Obese person is prone for metabolic disorders like Diabetes, heart disease,stroke, some type of cancers, gall bladder stones, Joint disorders, high blood pressure, breathing disorders  etc which decrease the overall lifespan of the person.
  • Early aging: Recent studies have evidence that the aging process starts earlier in the obese person than the others. Tissue metabolism and micro digestion is an important process to retain vitality in human body. The impaired fat tissues further blocks or affect the subsequent tissues in body which results in early aging in the obese person.
  • Impotency/infertility/ inability in sexual activity:  Obese men are 2½ times more likely to experience sexual dysfunction or early ejaculation than those of normal weight. Obesity affects the necessary blood flow to the penis due to its effects on heart and blood vessels in term of deposition of cholesterol. The reason behind the infertility in obese is reduced testosterone hormone. In females the obesity causes impaired hormonal axis which results in irregular menses, ovulation abnormalities and difficulty in conception.
  • General debility:  Obese person suffers from the general weakness, lack of enthusiasm in any activity due to the impaired metabolism which directly affects the mood inhibiting hormones. The impairment in bone and joint health is another reason for the general debility in obese persons.
  • Excessive sweating :  The excessive fat tissue and excess sweat glands per inch in the obese person, results in to more sweating even without the physical stress or exercise. This unwanted sweat definitely affects the quality of life in obese persons.
  • Excess thirst and hunger: In pre diabetic or diabetic obese person excess thirst is commonly observed. Excessive sweating can also results in more need to hydrate the body. The impairment in glucose metabolism can cause the excess hunger.
  • Breathing difficulty: The excess fat on abdomen and waist can make the breathing difficult because of the pressure on diaphragm. Sleep apnoea (breathlessness in sleep )is very common in obese patients.

Above alarming effects are more than enough to give your increasing weight and spreading fat a really serious thought. Mind your fat and start bending for a cause.

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