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Do you know what works best always ?

If I ask you what will you want to pass on to future generations? Tradition of unhealthy, illogical, baseless junk food or scientific timeless wisdom of mindful food ? Certainly we want to pass on the best in next generation. Be it our genes , inherited property or environment, we want things which will make the next generation more smart and an updated version of the previous. Guys despite of all the advancement something is missing form our life. Something isn\’t working in life.

Do you know what works the best always ? Its simplicity and persistence. Diet and fitness are no exception. Sustainability fails when things are complex and are not made for you. If you want a simple easy effortless Nutrition buddy. This book is for you.

Coming soon ………….

Announcing a Book on wisdom of Ayurveda Diet and exceptional Ayurvedic recipes.

What will get from this book ?

Ayurveda Nutrition guidance in simple yet scientific way

Step by step guidance to mindful Ayurveda cooking

Diet becomes so simple and sustainable

Exceptional 130+ Ayurveda recipes in modern style

You sure want  pass on Ayurvedic wisdom to your next generation This book will be no less than a tradition in your house to pass on the next generation

I want my copy :

Yes we deliver all over USA and India.

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