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Don’t let Heart break up with Mind!

“Once the Brain(mind) asked the Heart :Do you think happiness is an illusion? The Heart busy in dreaming replied , I think so, its magic and i love magics” Mind Vs Heart is like this on many occasions. Well Happy Valentines day!

The whole world is set and ready in ravishing Red and pleasant Pink to celebrate the festival of Heart, celebration of the Love. There will be cut throat competitions among the youths for gifts making the day more special and planning as many as different flashy fancy ways to show the love for each other. Finally, All we need is Love. One should never waste a day or even moment to express and accept love from your near and dear ones. One should always keep arms open to embrace and care for who need it real. But behind these pink balloons and red hearts there will many real beating hearts which will break today, which will be not be accepted. Behind this cuteness there may lie insecurity, jealousy, anger, inferiority complex ,feeling of betrayals. Heart will feel but Mind will suffer it. Many tiny hearts who even not know what is love will go into depression sometimes short time and not so serious but many times scar for life. They say its good to be mad with the world than to be wise alone. But not every time this madness world is going after is necessary and favorable. These are bubbles on superficial lifestyle in the deep ocean of commercialism. One should defiantly use this opportunity to love and get loved in returns. It shouldn\’t be stress though. This market and celebration is for us not we for market. Why am i thinking this way. I was buried in to completion of one project related content writing for some weeks. Naturally reading writing and thinking a lot about the topic making me wander those lanes only. And the topic was related to the psychiatry. This whole time i worked for content made me realized how much we miss to be with the most inseparable part of ourselves. Our mind , do we even give attention to its existence? Do we ever observe its needs , its efforts to cope up with our wrong doings with it? Heart is a beloved one organ but what about Mind ? Its existence cannot be denied just because it is not a physical organ. More over I will say You are what your mind makes you.

Mind and mental health is the most neglected , less talked , minimally invested and abruptly discussed health issue. Yes even me in 5 years of my blogging wrote about mental health on very few occasions. Most of my writing was dedicated to the importance of diet and Ayurveda. But how did i forget that Ayurveda has bigger contribution in the area of Mind and Mental health. Thanks to the assignment i worked for, which made me think of this. Valentines day will be the most relevant and auspicious day to start writing something on Mind and mental health. Today I am just mentioning some of the facts about the numbers of cases of mental illnesses globally. This blog will give you an idea how our ignorance towards our own beloved mind is allowing mental illness to tight its claws around us.

Eye-opening facts about psychological health :Following facts are taken from the authentic sources available. These are collected and listed to make one aware of the present threat of Psychological disorders among us. Despite of age, sex, financial condition, education , social status and any other criteria the threat is same to everyone. It can be You, it Can be Me ,it can be anybody.

  1. One in 5 children is affected by some kind of mental disorder in the world.
  2. Number of children aged 3-17 years who are diagnosed behavior problem in US is 4.5 millions (45lakhs). Number of children diagnosed with depression in US is approximately 1.9 million (19 lakh)
  3. Women are 70% more higher risk to suffer from mild to severe depression than men
  4. There is a possibility of 50% of mental illness if one or more family members like parents or before generation has history of mental illness.
  5. 45% of old age people suffer from mild to severe mental illness throughout the world. Sadly majority of them remain undiagnosed and untreated.
  6. Currently 2 crores 64 lakhs are the diagnosed cases of people suffering from the depression in the world.
  7. More than half mental illnesses start as early as the age of 12 to 15 years.
  8. 1 in 30 children shows symptoms of severe depression globally. Some extent to the level of experiencing hallucinations. In childhood diagnosis is delayed and problems are ignored in most of the cases
  9. Every 40 seconds one person commits suicide in the world and mental illness is the leading initiating factors among it . 8,00,000 lakh people die every year in world which is scary and even more than the deaths by Covid or any other serious illness in the world.
  10. People who are suffering from moderate to severe mental illness die 10 to 12 year before the normal life span compared.
  11. Globally there is an economic loss of 1 lakh crore rupees in a year due to less productivity caused by depression and other severe mental disorders

The list is endless and makes us more restless. This is just a glimpse of the iceberg we are almost headed to hit upon. So this Valentines Day take time out for your mind along with heart. Stay tuned for future blogs on Psychology and Ayurveda.

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6 thoughts on “Don’t let Heart break up with Mind!”

  1. Thank you Doctor for initiating this chapert. Looking forward to learning more. Please guide on all 4 aspects of life, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual from Ayurved point of view.

  2. could you pls talk of :
    >impact of teenage mental health, their vulnerabilities and how ayurveda can help.Some tips on everyday life.

    >for working class the impact of stress and how it shows in everyday life and how ayurveda can help and how deep is the impact.

    >I am studying psychology and wanted to know how ayurveda can help in the area of mental health.

  3. This blog beautifully intertwines the essence of Valentine’s Day with an often-neglected aspect of our well-being: mental health. The analogy between the heart and mind resonates deeply, emphasizing the importance of cherishing and nurturing our mental well-being, just as we value matters of the heart.

    Your insights into the alarming statistics on mental health globally are truly eye-opening. It’s distressing to see the prevalence and impact of psychological disorders across age groups and demographics. The reminder to prioritize our mental health amid the festivities is invaluable. It’s heartening to see this awareness being spread, especially on a day typically associated with romantic love.

    I’m intrigued to learn more about how Ayurveda plays a role in addressing mental health concerns. Could you delve deeper into Ayurvedic practices or remedies that aid in nurturing mental well-being? Exploring the connection between psychology and Ayurveda seems like a promising avenue to further understand and promote holistic health.

    Thank you for shedding light on such a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of our overall health. I eagerly await your future blogs, especially those delving into the intersection of psychology and Ayurveda.

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