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Everything you must know of diet in Corona disease.

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Everything you must know about, Do sand Don’ts  of diet in Corona disease.

Diet for Covid patients

This blog is dedicated to the all the front warriors, volunteers and people who are coming forward to help and sort the disaster of Covid 19 at their best level. Among them I want to mention and thanks to the groups ,organization and even individual people who came forward and are offering the catering services to the affected families and admitted patients of Covid. Sometimes at very less rates and to my surprises many of them are doing it without any monetary expectations

Food is compared to the creator of universe as it is the only factor that nourishes the body and soul.  These people are literally taking part in healing the universe by their services. Hats off to them. Among one message I received I got a list of such services and their menu. I was little bit upset with some food item listed in tiffin services which may not be suitable for patients of covid like fruit custard , curd rice , heavy sweet dishes and fried rice etc. Their intension is pure but as not aware of the disease and wholesome food for diseases these things can happen. Forget about them many hospitals and institutions had never paid enough attention to the cafeteria menu for patients.

Without beating around the bushes, I want to come to the topic of this blog. Importance of diet and Nutrition in recovery of Covid !


Pathya (wholesome diet) , theory from Ayurveda dietetics is the need of time in today’s situation. Taking care of good has an important role in either recovery of disease or making it worse. Doctors and paramedics are doing their best to fight for you. Now its your turn to show some responsibility in your diet and lifestyle. Simple changes in diet when positive with Covid or admitted in hospital for it can bring positive changes and support to the ongoing medicines.

People should first know what food should be avoided and what are the alternatives for them (Diet Dos Don’ts  in corona )

Avoid-stop stale, leftover food . Chose fresh Simple non spicy food.

Stay away from processed, chemically treated food like ready to eat packets, snacks etc.

Avoid sour food like sour curd, fermented , readymade sauces, mayonnaise, Ranch spread, BBq sauce and cheese spread. Go for easy homemade chutney, salads and seasoning like date tamarind chutney, mint chutney, coriander chutney, curry leaves coconut chutney haldi pickle, dry frut pickle, homemade murabba etc

Do not utilize this lock down period to showcase your cooking skills and stay away from cocktail dishes to avoid incompatible food intake

People with corona should not eat heavy diet. They should consume food which is light, fresh appetizing and is friendly with gut.

Fresh mung soup. Red pumpkin soup, Kokum soup, white gourd soup are the best food for fever, cold cough and other pathologies in Covid. these dishes keep you very well hydrated with ample nutrion. Season these dishes with cinnamon, dry ginger, black pepper, garlic, cumin, coriander seeds, fresh haldi , curry leaves to get the medicinal benefits from your diet.

Avoid thick gravies, desserts, sweets and mithais , curd , too much coconut water(it increases cough, cold allergic reactions) and other fruit juices. Amla (Indian gooseberry), Pomegranate, Fresh fig , dates , apricot, and black-currant are the ideal fruits one can consume considering the hot season and other nutritional needs in Covid 19.

Sour curd is strict no. sweet curd should be consumed very less and mixed with cow ghee. fresh sweet in small quantity is ok

Kindly boil the drinking water and drink when its lukewarm. Do not drink cold or refrigerated water.

Water boiled with herbs like Tulasi, dry ginger, Khus and more are amazing antipyretics, reduces the fever pain and weakness. Kindly email or message for more detail about it.

Do not drink canned juices, canned soups or ready to eat soups.

Red rice flakes, Ragi flakes, Amaranth flakes (Rajgira lahi), jowar flakes, bajra flakes are the good healthy ready to eat, low-cost and easily available options for snacks.

Please please  do not overeat and avoid unnecessary load on stomach. Patients have less appetite, and it gets strength with light and right food and not just heavy protein or multivitamin powders.

Goat soup and chicken soup can be good option for nonvegetarian patients. Avoid meat curries, biryanis and pulav. Cook meat soup with betelnut leaf, cinnamon, ginger and black peppers. Soft rice with cow ghee and meat soup is good combination.

For any queries and customized diet plan for covid patients feel free to contact me. Onwards there will be no charges for covid patients diet plan. A small contribution in the fight of Covid vs Mankind.

Spread this post as much as you can possible to the tiffin service providers cafeteria and of course common people. Stay safe and healthy.

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4 thoughts on “Everything you must know of diet in Corona disease.”

  1. Very wonderful article and its a need of time..

    Our Ayurveda has all the solution of any problem it is the people who makes their life complicated by consuming foods not recommended in Ayurveda, just to gratify their senses and expects that they will get cure quickly if they become diseased by in taking invalid food as per Ayurveda .

    Great .. Will share your article in my website

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