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“Everything you should know about oil pulling! : Coz its not just trend !”

Recently everybody (Thanks to pandemic) advising each other wonderful practice of oil pulling. But very few of them actually are aware of the scientific details .We have a rich tradition of health and wellness practice from Vedic era.  Along the course of time and wrong assumptions of modernization, many wonderful Ayurveda code of conducts in lifestyle became extinct. Oil pulling is one of them. Thanks to the wonderful tradition of Ayurveda practitioners who tried to keep this practice alive at least as a therapy.

With the popular reverse trend of traditional practices in diet, lifestyle and therapies Oil pulling is famous globally. There are many doubts, misconceptions and wrong practices people carrying with respect to oil pulling. Many readers have messaged, emailed the questions .This blog is a try to answer and explain everything about oil pulling

1.Where did oil pulling practice originate and document first?

 Daily practice and therapy of oil pulling can be traced thousands year back to Ayurvedic texts. Sanskrit text mention Kaval/Gandush which has got simpler name of Oil pulling nowadays . Just like teeth ,tongue cleaning and bath, oil pulling was mentioned as daily practice for wellness. Three major literature Samhitas Charaka, Sushruta and Vagbhata elaborates and praise this innovative unique daily practice. So definitely oil pulling is time tested ancient practice from Vedic periods

2. What is exactly oil pulling? How to do it?

Oil pulling in simpler words is swishing/gargling with some amount of oil in mouth. Keeping it in mouth for approximately 5-10 minutes and carrying rinsing movement with the help of cheek muscle is oil pulling. 1to 3 tablespoon of oil is sufficient for oil pulling which is called as Kavala. In another practice whole oral cavity is filled with oil and hold for some time stretching the cheeks is called as Gandusha.

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How to do it? : It should be done in morning after the teeth cleaning (brushing). It should be done empty stomach. Hold 3 tablespoon lukewarm oil in mouth and move it around with the help of cheek muscle and tongue for 10 minutes with breaks if needed taken in between. The saliva will get mixed with the oil and the volume will increase. It will form soapy consistency liquid inside your mouth which you have to throw out. Gargle with warm water gently to remove excess oiliness and oily taste. Its done. You can even do it while you check your email or what’s app. Though it  wise to totally concentrate on oil pulling.

3. Does oil pulling really benefit and how?

Ayurveda praise oil pulling and it is said to be beneficial in at least thirty type of systemic diseases. Oral hygiene and stimulating the salivary function is the first prime benefit of regular oil pulling. Tongue is the mirror of your health is not just a quote. It indeed has direct or indirect relation with every system in body. Oral cavity is the prime gate which allow all good and bad microorganisms like bacteria viruses inside.

  • Regular oil pulling improves the muscle tone of tongue and cheek. It can be a good exercise for ample blood circulation and fascial skin improvement as a remote benefit.
  • Oil pulling form the protective layers of lipids which prevent and remove the plaque on teeth
  • Oil pulling is also of help to resolve symptoms of dry mouth/throat and chapped lips.
  •  Teeth become whiter; breath becomes fresher; oral cavity muscles and jaws become stronger with excellent achievement of oral hygiene.
  • Pulling when practiced regularly is believed to freshen and stimulate the mind and strengthen the senses. It is also beneficial in sore throat, dry face, migraine, impaired vision, taste loss and anorexia.
  • It is healing for ulcers and beneficial for mucosal patches and wounds
  • It is scientifically proved that oil pulling if regularly done significantly reduces the bacteria and other microorganism in oral cavity (mouth).
  • Mouth being the first prime portion of the digestive tract its regular hygiene, healing and activation of salivary functions improves the metabolism.
  • Medicated ghee, oil, decoction, and milk for pulling further has potent ability to remove the toxins from mouth with there medicinal effects.

4. How does oil pulling work? Give us some scientific explanation?

  • Oil has natural property of healing, smoothening, and replenishing. It protects and keeps the internal mucosa soft moist and smooth to function better
  • The properties of specific oil like sesame or coconut and herbs in it will act on Dosha to balance them. We all know how fast medicine get absorbed through saliva in blood system.
  • Oil pulling generates antioxidants which damage the cell wall of microorganisms and kill them.
  •  These oils will attract the lipid layer of bacterial cell membranes and cause it to dislodge from mucosa and pulled to the oil and throw out of mouth.
  • During oil pulling, the oil gets emulsified and surface area of the oil gets increased. The process of emulsification of oil begins upon 5 min of oil pulling. This oil will coat the teeth and gums and inhibits bacterial colony and plaque formation.
  •  Thus, plaque building bacteria responsible for dental caries, gingivitis (gum infection), periodontitis (mouth infections) and bad breath are removed from the oral cavity. Gums become pink, healthier, and problem of bleeding gums is solved.

5. what can be used for oil pulling other than oil?

Sesame (til oil), coconut oil are used commonly for daily practice of oil pulling. If oil pulling is aimed as curative measure various other combinations like medicated oil (e.g. jatyadi oil in mouth ulcer), decoction(Triphala kadha in kapha dominant fungal infections), milk (e.g. burning lesions, mouth ulcers etc) can be used after consulting the Ayurveda doctor.

6. Are there any adverse effects of oil pulling?

Usually in normal health condition there are no side effects of oil pulling. The oil should be clean and stored in clean bottle or jar. Oil with fungus growth if neglected will cause harm. If you are not well and suffering from any kind of disease even other than mouth it is strictly must to consult. Do not oil pull against the medical advice.

7. Can children practice oil pulling? Which age is appropriate for child for oil pulling ?

Yes it is wise to nurture the regular oil pulling habit in kids. Children who can brush on their own can-do oil pulling safely in your supervision. Do not make them oil pull in tender age they may swallow; they may choke if not supervised.

8.Is doctors advise is necessary before you start oil pulling?

As I mentioned above if are not well and suffering from any minor or major illness consultation is must. We will suggest you proper kind of oil, decoction , ghee etc according to Dosha dominance, body type and disease . If wrong thing is chosen it may increase Dosha further. But if you are doing it for wellbeing and you are in good state of health go ahead and do it on own.

After reading this detailed blog about oil pulling if you have any other queries or you want to share your experience feel free to comment in comment box or contact me.

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  1. Oil Pulling is best. I do it everyday.Also started using Netraprabha for eyes. Thank you Dr. Panse for all your health guidance.

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