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Gene is a loaded gun ,don’t push the trigger of lifestyle !

Part 1

“Oh God! Nick Jones is diabetic! This cant happen with my fav singer!” screaming reaction of my daughter while reading an article named something like “op 20 celebrities you don’t know suffering from lifestyle disorders” Though not having deeper knowledge she marked the serious concern of those listed diseases.

What’s the whole thing  Lifestyle is all about? How does the lifestyle impact on health?And above all what is this all buzz about lifestyle disorders? What are the names of lifestyle disorders?Which style of living is bad or good lifestyle?Are lifestyle disorders that dangerous?

These are some of common assortment of questions readers of the age 12 to 17 years often came up  with. From above triggering incidence i take opportunity to write on lifestyle diseases in simple language in a series blog.

This blog is dedicated to such young readers who even before starting to live life in full zest encounter with the terms diet,lifestyle diseases etc.

Lets simplify the whole things!

What is lifestyle?

Lifestyle is the way of living or your habits of day to day activities.The things you do over and over everyday for years is your lifestyle. What and how you eat, ,play,work,think,use technologies,do recreationor entertain ,sleep and follow everyday is your lifestyle.

Does my lifestyle really impact my health?

Yes! Every bit or minute of our activity is honestly busy in altering our health in good or bad manner.The food we eat. The things we do and the thoughts we posses have an significant role in building the physical and mental health. Lifestyle is the building block of your life and health.

The time taken by lifestyle to show the effect is slower but consistent for sure and long enduring not to miss.

What are lifestyle disorders?

The diseases which are the gift of wrong lifestyle are lifestyle diseases.These diseases are different from the acute ones like fever, cold ,cough,wound ,infections  etc. Generally these are not caused by infections from virus bacteria or other organisms.They can not be transmitted. These are non communicable diseases.NCD is the term used for them.

Usually one or more organs or systems are affected in these diseases.

Look at these bunch of diseases to  get an idea of lifestyle diseases.

  • Cardiovascular diseases (diseases related to heart, veins and arteries
  • Alzheimer disease
  • Cancer (many types of cancers)
  • Hypertension (high BP)
  • Immunology diseases( psoriasis, allergies etc)
  • Liver cirrhosis(many more like fatty liver etc)
  • Chronic renal failure (Kidney diseases)
  • Osteoporosis
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Spine disorders
  • Obesity
  • Depression and other psychological disorders

and many many more ….

From above list one thing you must have noticed that the lifestyle disorders does not happen in a moment as well as we all are aware that these diseases stays almost till death.can we call them silent killer then? Yes they are ruthless unmerciful killers indeed.

Lets read some facts related to lifestyle:

  • This decade shows global epidemic of lifestyle disorders
  • Child Obesity is the biggest threat in western countries.
  • Every 5th child in USA is obese.
  • Most of the insurance is claimed by lifestyle disorders in USA
  • India is on verge to become second largest country for number of Diabetics and Cancer patients
  • In 2018 the world saw 11million new cancer cases and 9.6 million deaths due to cancer.
  • Inactive lifestyle is a biggest threat in the world leading to lifestyle disorders.
  • Depression is fastening its dreadful claws all over the world including youth, adults and elderly ones.
  • Every third case in chronic illness is seen to be associated with some kind of  mild to moderate mental illness too.
  • Addiction (any type of addiction like drugs,food or technology etc) is the next biggest threat for world and yes the world is not ready to tackle with.

The list can be endless.

The most disturbing fact is these diseases can no more be termed as diseases of old people. Increasing cases of younger ones suffering lifestyle disorder is a huge challenge in front of society and health sector.

What one should know about dos and don’t ? How can one try to avoid the lifestyle disorders ? What should youth know about food and lifestyle ?

We will try to find solutions to these questions in the next part.Do read and discuss with your gang.


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