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Head up gorgeous: Figure it out !

Remember the farmer,tiger, grass and goat puzzle? Some puzzles are timeless.They are not forgotten, they are just passed on and cherished endless by many generation. The boat that can carry only two things at a time, the confused farmer and more confused us in our childhood how n whom to carry first so that grass and goat are saved ,was enjoyable. Many times this situation we face in real life too.

Figuring out is important !Figuring out is the key !

Coming to the point when Ayurveda consultants treat the menopausal patients they are in the role of a farmer.Tiger,goat and grass are Tridosha (Vata, Pitta , Kafa resp). If the farmer carries the grass first and sail to the other side of river bank, tiger eats the goat.If tiger is taken, the goat eats the grass. The same thing happen when more than one dosha are involved in the peri menopausal patients that affect her menstruation as well as the other parts of body.

Female reproductive system is under the Vata dosha dominance and her peri menopausal age is Pitta dominant. So if we try to treat the Vata dosha, the Pitta dosha may increase and cause menace as the both dosha need opposite property medicine and therapies from each other. The same thing happen with the other dosha combination too. Its always a skillful and alert doctor that manages this situation well.

The less dominant dosha many times needs food as medicine and is well managed by some dos and donts about food and lifestyle, exercise etc. The most dominant dosha is treated on the basis of medicine, panchkarma and diet.

What therapies are used to manage the peri menopausal patients?

  1. Basti: Basti is always the treatment of choice almost in every patient as it takes care of female reproductive system and brings the hormonal symptoms in control .Basti had been dedicated a separate blog in past. Kindly go through the link to know more about the Basti. Everything you must know about basti
  2. Abhayng and Swedan : In Vata dominant patient as a part of Panchkarma as well as the separate treatment. Abhyang means applying the dosha specific medicated oil as per the patients prakriti and symptoms . It is not mere a body massage . Swedan is medicated steaming of the particular body parts or the whole body. Generalized swelling, joint pain,digestion affected by hormones,sever dryness,sleeplessness, depression,weakness,body ache without reason, are some of the indications for the above mentioned therapy.
  3. Nasya: Nasya takes care of the hormonal axis and pacify the dominant dosha as dosha specific oil or ghee is used. Nasya had been dedicated a separate the given link to know more about Nasya. Nasya the way to brain through skull base       
  4. Psychological symptoms are relived by the regular use of Nasya in menopausal patients. 
  5. Shirodhara: Shirodhara is again a must therapy in almost all the menopausal patients. Almost all the psychological symptoms are relived with the regular interval of Shirodhara therapy. To know more about this wonderful therapy click the link of my blog aboutShirodhara                      Shirodhara a complete meditation of brain
  6. In some conditions other therapies like Vaman (induced  emesis i.e.vommitting to remove imbalanced Kafa dosha  ),Virechan (induced purgation to remove imbalanced pitta dosha)are used.
  7. Medicines that are made from various herbs and minerals are used as per the patient and dosha .

Your Ayurveda physician will decide which of the above therapies is required and what medicine is needed.

Where on one side the highly advanced hormone therapy, steroid and other molecules in modern medicine are showing very restricted positive sresults that too with some unavoidable sever adverse effects ,the other side is hopeful and that is alternative medicine.

Apart from the medicine and therapies the food have major role in controlling the menopausal complaints .The dosha and patient specific food advised is the backbone of Ayurveda.In the next part of the blog the various food , diet will be discussed considering the different body types and symptoms in ladies.

Keep reading , Keep sharing !

(Above write up belongs to Dr. Rupali Panse. Sharing the blog with due credit to the author is a welcome!Images taken from internet)

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