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I want my 45mins attention….. Please!! Yours Crying Stomach

No way!!Don’t count me. I am going to take my nap after the lunch. Hey are u joining for the badminton session tonight after dinner?? What about coffee after dinner?

Really???? You will thank me when you scroll down

Digestion is the prime activity in body which needs and involves attention of almost every system and cell in the body . It should not be impaired or disturbed as it is the first step of body towards various system nourishment.There are some strict don\’ts after the meal described in Ayurveda after the meal .

There are 7 things to avoid immediate after eating meal .

1.Bathing :

Never bathe immediately after meal. It causes increased blood supply to extremities i.e. limbs and other body parts,it also fetch nervous system attention towards skin by water stimulation, which reduces blood flow towards stomach and can hamper the process of digestion.the act of bathing impaired the normal function of digestion due to increase in kafa dosha which is already dominant in the first stage of digestion. Agni (power to digest)  becomes weak by this act if practiced often

2.Exercise :

Exercise immediate after meal can cause increased stress on cardiac activity and can also increases the blood supply towards muscles causing indigestion and also cardiovascular ailments if practiced often.The kafa dosha is active in the initial stage of digestion and exercise induces Vaat dosha to carry half digested ill formed Ras(aam /toxins)carried to various systems which causes improper nutrition of various elements.


Smoking   cigarette after meal can trigger hyper acidity and indigestion. Study shows one cigarette after meal is equivalent to 10 cigarettes in terms of ill effects on body.The bitter astringent taste dominant tobacco constricts the micro channels of digestion. It also further decreases the Agni (power to digest )which in turn results in Ajeern(Indigestion) which is the prime cause of almost all diseases in body.

4.Tea/coffee/liquor :

Higher acidic contents in alcohol make protein contents in food hard which are difficult to digest and may cause habitual constipation. According to Ayurveda theories initial phase of digestion is madhur ras dominant (the sweet taste), the bitter taste of tea and coffee can impair the micro digestion and absorption of nutrients in blood.


Fruits immediate after meal cause meal to lie in stomach and fermentation occur due to acidic nature of fruits.  Bloating of stomach, heaviness occurs. Fruits should be eaten 2 hrs before or after meal.


Sleeping immediately after meal causes delayed digestion and absorption of nutrition. Digestion is conscious effort of body if the important system like brain is involved in sleeping activity, the cardiac rate is reduced then the digestion will be delayed causing various kafa dosha diseases due to half digested substances which are equal to toxins .

7. Sex:

Sex immediately after meal causes stress on cardiac activity. Cardiac circulation rate is increased during the digestion process, the sexual act further can increase the circulatory rate abnormally. Also the increased flow of blood towards the sexual organ and other peripheral muscles will hamper the both activities at a time. Tridosha specially Vaat dosha is affected by the this specific act which also impair the micro digestion of various other body elements(dhatus) like muscle (mans), bone marrow(majja), asthi (bone) and shukra( the reproductive system mainly semen).

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