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Living Rent free on your face ! meet us ,only yours… Acne!

 Acne is the most unwanted and uninvited guest on any teenagers list. Having acne at any age is pretty traumatizing. Sometimes they do not mind age and showed up on adult or middle age human face to embarrass him or her even more. And then start a struggle to hide them with hairstyle or makeup making their stay even longer. Self-medication and wrong practices make them alien resident on your face officially. Want to get rid, then read!

Absence of knowledge keeps away people seeking proper treatments and worsen the situation more.  Most of the times people suffering from acne never visit doctor/dermatologist in time and they prefer DIY, google doctor and some baseless home remedies. Use of on counter self-prescribed medication is again a big threat to aggravate the acne condition. It is always advisable to visit family physician, dermatologist to get your acne diagnosed. Every other reason needs different medication, so it is very valuable to rule out the exact reason for your acne. Only, registered doctor is the right person to offer your face without worry.

 Ayurvedic approach towards acne and other skin diseases is unique and ancient. There are many conditions where the conventional medicine fails or when there are limitations to the medicine. Many patients cannot tolerate the allopathy medicine due to some of their adverse effects. In such cases integration of Ayurveda with other medicine or only Ayurveda works magic. According to Ayurveda skin is the reflection of metabolic health. Various skin conditions are results of some systemic error or illness hiding under. The first stage of digestion and the nutrients derived from it is called as Rasa dhatu in Ayurveda. This first tissue during digestion keeps the health of skin. Any imbalance in it will reflect on Rasa tissue and later as blood impurities. When Ayurveda think of acne it starts treating right from digestion. Proper excretory functions play vital role in purifying blood tissue. Any toxic waste in system it helps spread acne. Ayurvedic medicine are given in the form of easy to take tablets, syrups, powder, ointments etc. Bloodletting is unique and effective treatment in chronic pus forming acne.

Home remedies: Home remedies are advised in very initial and mild presence of acne. They are helpful to relive some symptoms like pain, swelling, redness etc. They should be practice under the doctor’s advice and along with the treatment. Following home remedies can help.

  • For itching acne mix freshly ground turmeric and ground red lentil flour and buttermilk and gently apply. Wash face after 10 mins without scrubbing. Turmeric also reduces swelling and prevents spread of infection in nearby skin cells.
  • Redness and burning can be easily dealt with application of Sandalwood rubbed on stone or sandalwood powder with raw cow milk.
  • Aloe juice or 100% pure organic Aloe gel can soothe the burning and helps healing tissue damage.
  • Nutmeg has mild numbness effect due to its dominant astringent taste and blood vessel constricting properties. Painful acne is difficult to manage with only medicine. Apply rubbed Nutmeg along with raw cold cow milk. Apply on and near the area of acne. This is helpful to ease the pain.

These are some of the general home remedies. These can differ according to condition and person’s body type.

Diet: Diet according to the body constitution i.e. prakriti is very needful step in managing the acne especially when the acne is complication of any other systemic disease and not just a skin condition. A balanced diet consisting of all nutrients is advised after studying the patients body type. Fast food, too sticky food (cheese, fermented, mayonnaise, cream, curd ), preserved ready to eat food usually are contraindicated. Amazing Ayurveda wholesome food recipes can help relive the condition and repair the metabolic errors. (ask for recipes or read Vitamins and minerals paly vital role in healing and regenerating new skin cells. Not excess but proper amount of water and liquid is also important to bring back the luster. Good fibers and hematinic(Iron rich food) keeps digestion good and improves the skin immunity.

Lifestyle: Stress and emotional health have tremendous impact on the skin and hair health. Correcting the lifestyle errors by proper introduction of stress management practices like Yoga, meditation, following hobby is also important segment of line of treatment. It should not be neglected at all. Counselling is also a crucial step in acne management. It helps boosts patient’s confidence about the cosmetic complex and increases the sustainability of treatment. It helps keep patient on track!

This simple approach which includes the benefits of alternative medicine is the need of time! Get your help in time and save that smile.

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