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Match the horoscope: My feet,My size, My exercise!

Every person is unique on this earth. Take fingerprints,take genotype, take psyche , take folds and grooves of brain , take voice, take iris maze and so on. They shout loud, I am different in the same cover of human body.

Same pair shoe doesn’t fit all! My foot my size !

The readers who read my posts regularly are well familiar with the terms Body type (prakriti), Vaata Dosha, Pitta Dosha, Kafa dosha etc in Ayurveda .In some of previous blogs i explained about the characteristics of theses Doshas too .

Believe me, everything,every little damn thing you do have an influence of the dominant dosha or your body type on it and vice versa too. Food,sleep,exercise, sex,nature,emotional health,hobbies, liking,fertility,diseases,health,career, every minute thing is under the influence of your body type and as well as some external factors have impact on your Body type e.g. season, geography, customs etc.

Take an example of exercise !

Why are all of us  not regular to exercise? Why the one exercise type favors the one and may harms to the other one ? Why the same exercise and regularity decreases the weight in one person wonderfully and in other person the weight machine not ready to move even a centimeter ? Prakriti (Body type )is the answer!

Lets see three major type of prakriti with respect to the exercise.

  1. Vata Prakriti: Inconsistency , change is the constant characteristic of Vata people.Higher rate of metabolism and comparatively low endurance make these people little reluctant to the conventional regular gym activities.They tend loose weight easily .Gaining muscle and weight is the challenge in Vata prakriti people. The ectomorph body type falls under Vata prakriti with respect to physical traits.
  • Low cardio, moderate weight training works wonder for them.
  • Comparatively easy and change in type of exercise.
  • Walking
  • Activities like badminton, tennis to sweat as well as for concentration
  • Yoga and meditation to pacify the inconsistency,gain the stability in movements as well as emotional peace  in Vata prakriti trait.

The marathon runner i always find some of the traits of Vata for sure in them.

2.Pitta Prakriti : These people are under the dominance of heat due to pitta dosha.In real life i have seen many of them cant bear the heavy exercises at a stretch in Gym.Also outdoor activities may exhaust them faster due to the intolerance to heat.Their metabolism keep them away from gaining weight easily and also results in shading the weight are satisfactory .The mesomorph body type can be include in group of Pitta people in terms of external features.

  • Swimming is the best exercise for Pitta Dosha body type.
  • Moderate cardio with moderate weight training is the key in these person
  • Early morning cycling and easy short treks are there cup of tea.
  • Yoga and meditation  is advisable to compose the short tempered responses and other health benefits.

3.Kafa prakriti: Kafa  prakriti people are composed and can tolerate the heavy exercise. They are easily prone to gain weight and the rate to shade the weight is also low.They tend to be regular at what they choose.You can make them sweat , heat favours them . The endomorph body type resembles the external apperance of Kafa Prakriti body

  • Regular  Cardio , moderate weight training
  • Outdoor activities like cycling, trekking
  • Outdoor games like cricket , football favor them
  • Yoga and meditation goes well with them as their prakriti itself represents the strength in stability and composed nature.

In short you cant make a group of 10 people sweat in Gym for 1 hour with the same type of exercise! Cater them with their type and results amaze you!

Because .. My Feet, My Size ,My Exercise!

Dr.Rupali Panse

Adyam Ayurved , Pune

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