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Out of the pan: Traditional recipe 2

Winters is the season many of us go back to search something new on plate . Thanks to the increased Agni (appetite) that keeps taste buds constantly demand for more and something new.

Bajra(millet bread) roti is must in many Indian homes in the winter. Bajra(millet) is supposed to be one of the best warmers in food in winters.

A much forgotten ,tasty and very rarely practiced dish from Bajra roti is my beloved breakfast dish. I make sure to mention this dish when i suggest diet changes to the patients who wish to reduce weight.

Easy to make this recipe has its nutritional values and many health benefits too.

Spicy Bajra Roti in Buttermilk :


  • Bajra roti fresh or leftover (but not more than 12 hrs) crushed into fine pieces.
  • Freshly prepared buttermilk from fresh curd added with rock salt and little sugar
  • Cumin seeds, curry leaves,a pinch of turmeric powder, cumin coriander seeds powder,red chili powder, mustard seeds, ginger paste.
  • Oil for tadka (seasoning).

Recipe :

  • Add salted sweet buttermilk in to the crushed bajra roti.
  • Heat the oil in iron pan add the above spices when oil is properly heated.
  • Pour the hot mixture immediately on Bajra buttermilk mixture.
  • Mix and serve the plates.
  • Garnish with coriander leaves.
  • You cannot keep this dish ready and eat later as the bajra absorbs buttermilk and the mixture gets dried .
  • Use proper portion of buttermilk , semi liquid is the best consistency to enjoy the dish.
  • Oil in a very less quantity cannot add the spicy tadka touch , so use oil sufficiently . 

Bajra(millet) is a rich source of energy and a good source of favorable fibers . We Ayurveda practitioner use its properties to reduce kafa dosha  and also in patients of diabetes and obesity.Millet is also a good source of calcium and phosphorus.

Buttermilk as we all know is a health friendly food. It is easy to digest and improves the overall digestion process.In Ayurveda it is supposed to be a medicine for many disorders like piles, colitis, generalized ,swelling of body,spleen disorders, anemia , anorexia and many more. A separate blog on buttermilk soon.

This simple and nutritious recipe is a must try for food lovers.Enjoy this traditional Maharashtra dish and Happy Winters!

Feedback is always encouraging !

(Above write and images belongs to Dr. Rupali Panse. Sharing the blog with due credit to author is welcome.)

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