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Panchkarma! Myths you must get rid off!

With bright smile of hope and expectation on face ,this young new patient excitedly spoke, “Doctor,I want get Vamana therapy done. I also want Basti for my Vata dosha,but we will start Vamana first.My friend got it done from you last year and she is very satisfied with the results”. I kept aside my pen and case paper to get myself enlightened by this one.

I am so amazed to see such patients who enter the clinic with self diagnosis and now a days even ready with the treatment protocol in their mind. Panchkarma is among of all. They also nurture their  myths about it . So this blog is about the prompt myhts vs truths.

Panchkarma word mean Panch (five) Karma( therapies)

  1. Panchkarma means massage and shirodhara: This is the most common myth. Massage is part of the panchkarma therapy and not a seperate therapy on its own. Shirodhara is completely independent therapy and is not part of Panchkarma
  2. Panchkarma is for all. :No,the doctor needs to categorize the patient whether the he/she is suitable. Age,sex, strength, season, disease, need are some of the criteria for the indication.The Ayurveda text clearly narrated who and when are suitable for specific therapy and who are not.We cant offer it as per the choice or want of the patient.
  3. Panchkarma needs total rest :partially true.Most of the times the routine of patient is not disturbed though very small changes in routine are advised as the body undergoes significant changes in terms of Dosha. Vamana and Virechana needs at least one day full rest.Other indications depends on patient’s strength,nature of disease etc.
  4. All of five treatments are must in Panchkarma :Most of the times we choose the therapy according to body type, dosha and present illness.So it is not mandatory to go for all. The patient who wants to do Panchkarma for just well being ,are also advised to go for selected therapies by Ayurveda doctor.
  5. The dos and don’t s advised during Panchkarma is just a precaution :Never think so.The dos and don’t s  are supposed to follow strictly during the course of Panchkarma.Many times patients take it very causally and the therapy goes wrong or unsatisfied for both the patient and doctor too. The dos and don’t s are very simple still ,why reluctant to follow them?
  6. Panchkarma once done is done for lifetime :Panchkarma is done to eradicate the vitiated dosha causing diseases in body when only the medicine is not enough.Once Panchkarma done if the diet ,lifestyle is followed properly the doshas stay normal in the body doing their normal functions.But the doshas can get vitiated by the various internal and external factors which when treated earliest don’t need Panchkarma again.
  7. Panchkarma is massage and Shirodhara:Panchkarma is the term which means five types of revetments.Massage and Shirodhara is not Panchkarma.
  8. Panchkarma can be done at home.
    No.Panchkarma needs well equipped set up and qualified therapist and doctor.It needs checkups,followups and observation.Don’t play with health and the reputation of Ayurveda by following some wrong self experimenting.
  9. Panchkarma is the solution for only old/chronic or major diseases.
    No. many acute conditions are relieved by Panchkarma like osteoarthritis, hyper acidity, some skin diseases etc. Panchkarma can be used as wellness regime too.
  10. Panchkarma can cure anything
    Never see a doctor as God and his treatments as magic. Everything has its own limitations.The efficacy of Panchkarma depends upon the age,disease type,chronic or acute nature of Dosha, bad prognosis etc. Get the facts clear with your doctor before you expect something magic.
  11. Kerala Panchkarma is different therapy
    No.Panchkarma is same everywhere,Kerala Ayurveda follows some sub types of massage and other therapies which are not Panchkarma.Basic Panchkarma is same.
  12. Panchkarma is costly.
    Not at all. If you compare it with the exorbitant charges that other streams of medicine charges for consultation and even for small procedure, you will find it reasonable . Choose a doctor and not the five star set up of the clinic.You have all of the rights to check and compare the various available doctors and their charges for Panchkarma.The doctor should be registered as Ayurveda doctor and should be trustworthy . Panchkarma is a treatment which need skills in the Ayurveda ,involves the team and equipment,continuous observation and care that nothing goes wrong during .The medicine cost being herbal and quality is maintained most of the times in authentic clinics is considerable. Its your choice to go in proper hands.

Panchkarma is the very unique treatment protocol in Ayurveda which is globally admired and being accepted.Gain maximum of health from it. But first get the doubts and myths cleared. If you have any doubts and queries other than above you are welcome in comment section.

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6 thoughts on “Panchkarma! Myths you must get rid off!”

  1. so true, as a vaidya we really have to face such situations in the clinic, as said half knowlledge is dangerous is the condition with the net savy people currently. It is equally important to create awareness among the people abt the pros and cons abt any health remedies.
    very nicely written article.

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