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Detox diet



Each passing day we as human are accumulating load of toxins in our body unknowingly. Pollution, exposure to the chemicals, unhealthy food habits, lack of proper lifestyle are some of the reasons for it. The toxins created in the body or the toxins we come in direct contact through external sources are the basic reason for the poor quality of health. Mental stress further adds extra load on the systems generating more internal toxins through metabolism. These toxins or unwanted substances over the period if not thrown outside the body can create major impacts on health.

Detox diet is a customized diet for individual. We assess your body , lifestyle, and diet to predict the extent and type of toxins might have causing impacts on your health. We design a suitable lifestyle and diet to neutralize or get rid of those toxins. Simple nutrition solutions have worked wonders in many cases. This diet plan will help you understand power of simple habits.

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