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Post pregnancy Ayurvedic diet



Gone are the days when there is always grandmother or any elderly figure in house to provide comfort care and traditional wisdom when there is newborn baby and mother. Post delivery phase is the most important phase for the mother-baby’s physical and mental health and growth. This phase needs different type of diet care and lifestyle support to newly become mother and tender infant.

Insufficient nutrients, wrong food choices and improper food can lead to disturbed lactation , mother health issue , unsatisfactory weight gain in babies etc. Post delivery diet . The neglected diet in this phase can imprint long term health effects on both mother and baby due to malnutrition. Sometimes unobserved overnutrition becomes the problem. High calory food with less nutrients are also a major problem when there is not enough guidance. Don’t worry we are a family away from family. We will assess your need and design easy to follow nutrition plan to make your motherhood happily memorable.


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