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‘Rangoli’ that you can literally eat!

Rangoli Pancake

An early morning call from a friend, asking how was the Ganesh and Gauri festival. A causal question from her,“So, what is there in for breakfast today?” I answered expecting her reaction “ Rangoli pancake!”As expected she screamed What??? , I said yes you heard it correct.

Yes you too read it correct.

Gauri Ganpati is a very popular festival in Maharashtra which is celebrated among friends and relatives together.

Festival, flowers decoration and decorative rangolis are inseparable.

The Panse family Gauri decoration rangoli is the centre of attraction for years for all ladies who come for darshan and puja (haldi kunku).

My mother in law ,from many years ,instead of using rangoli and colors had started using various colorful pulses to make beautiful patterns around the Gauri decoration as rangoli. After marriage me and my sister in law follow the same tradition .

The color full pulses like green mung ,cheak peas, red lentils,kidney beans, puy lentils,grain like rice and anything you want can be used to form rangoli patterns.

Arranging those multiple pulses slippery ,running on floor here and there is fun.Yes it does need patience but outcome is wonderful. It looks very beautiful.

I must say this pulses rangoli is echo friendly too. No waste from silica rangoli ,artificial colors and flower petals. We literally turn this rangoli in to a mouth watering dish. After the festival is over the mixed pulses can’t be separated and refilled in the jars. So we just collect them as it is wash properly and soak them in enough water.

Lets see the proper way to cook Rangoli Pancake.


  • Mixed pulses,grain in random quantity soaked for 7 to 8 hours.
  • Green chili,ginger,garlic paste ,
  • Salt to taste
  • Ghee / fresh butter

Yes that’s all we need!

Recipe:  Grind the soaked mix pulses well in to a smooth paste. Add water and salt as per need to form a semi solid paste.Keep the mixture for 3 to 4 hours. No need to over ferment the mixture. Heat the flat pan and pour the mixture forming thin pancake.let it cook on mild flame to form crispy texture.Serve immediately adding ghee/butter, with green coriander and coconut chutney.Deliciously nutritious!No need to mention the nutrition value of pulses in the diet.

The rangoli thus never wastes in stead it rests in our stomach!

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