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Sinus minus junk: happy breathing!

“Winter is when miserable water gushes out of sky and spring is when miserable water gushes out my nose.” These are not so romantic, not so nature loving feeling of the person suffering from the sinusitis on off.

Sinusitis is a painful condition where internal layer of sinus mucosa gets infected and inflamed. It results in heavy headache or pain around cheeks ,running nose with thick discharge,fever etc. The affected sinuses are situated in forehead and cheek bones.This condition may recur often if not managed well with medicine,lifestyle and diet. Here are some guidelines one must know!

  1. Regular mild steam inhalation for 2 mins:
    Regular inhalation of mild steam keeps the nasal passage clear and also finds the sinus mucus way out.It also relives  the symptoms like headache ,pain around the sinuses/cheek bones. Use of mint leaves ,Tulasi/basil leaves or eucalyptus oil in steam add extra relief with their medicinal properties.
  2. Boost immunity: Sinusitis and immunity are interlinked. People with decreased immunity are prone to get affected more.Immune boosting foods such as Amla, black current, oranges ,green vegetables, mutton/chicken soup are advisable.Vitamin C supplements and immune boosters like Chyavanprash are effective against the frequent episodes of sinusitis.
  3. Breathing exercise : In chronic cases due to the congested nose many people having sinusitis breath through mouth .Breathing exercises play important role in correction of wrong  oral breathing. Deep breathing, Pranayam and other yogic breathing exercises should be practiced.
  4. Rule out the triggers : Apart from infection, the sinusitis can also be triggered by some chemical irritants,dust, tobacco smokes and other fumes. Rule out the triggers and try to avoid them.
  5. Medicine: Coventionally Acute sinusitis is managed by antibiotics , anti inflammatory medicines. For chronic sinusitis frequent use of Antibiotics is certainly not advisable. Simple herbs like dry ginger, cardamon, Amla,clove and herbal preparations are way effective.Ayurveda herbal decoctions with regular practies like Nasya, Neti and other Panchkarma play magic.

  1. Kitchen spices: Every kitchen has got a treasure of wonderful herbal spice remedies.The proper use of kitchen spices can relieve many symptoms in sinusitis.The pain and swelling around the sinuses can be relieved by simple warm sesame oil massage around the sinus in circular motion for 5 minutes followed by steam or hot fomentation by warm cloth. Regular nasal instillation of 2 drops cow ghee keeps the nasal mucosa soft and improves the immunity. Regular use of cloves,cinnamon,black pepper,dry ginger is advocated to combat with the symptoms like fever, decreased appetite ,headache etc. Tulasi/basil leave juice mixed with honey and ginger juice is another home remedy one can safely use to combat with sinusitis related symptoms.
  2. Diet in sinusitis : Any food too cold,leftover,sticky, too dry, deep fried should be avoided.Try to avoid ready to eat food as the chemical preservatives,artificial flavors,colors may trigger the allergic reactions in many. Warm ,easy to digest and fresh food should be consume. Soups like green mung ,lentil,red pumpkin soup is always a praised diet in sinusitis.Cow ghee, honey ,mustard oil is good to practice in sinusitis. Ginger garlic cococnut chutney ,curry leaves and mint chutney also improves some symptoms in sinusitis.Sour curd should be avoided. Meat soup with simple spices is like panache to relive the sinusitis related symptoms. Khichari diet is ideal in weakened immune system.

These simple positive changes in lifestyle and diet can improve the overall condition in people having sinusitis.

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2 thoughts on “Sinus minus junk: happy breathing!”

  1. This is very informative post. Since I have been interested in learning Ayurveda, I was trying to research a cure for sinus issues of my wife. I will now have her try this.

    Thank you for your posts!

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