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Something that you must know about Breakfast!

Finally we are in the era where the the term individualism is being noticed and respected. The talent of a fish ,an elephant and a monkey cannot be standardized on the basis of their hunting skills or so.

The punch line is every body is different. This applies to the diet theories too. They can be milestones or guidelines, The roads, lanes, paths may differ. Many times the quantity is full filled but what about the assimilation and usage of the fed food.Among them is the always debated topic Breakfast!There are many opinions on whether to have breakfast or not.

“Breakfast Like A King, Lunch Like A Prince, Dinner Like A Popper”.

The phrase of Adele Davis, a 19th-century dietitian, is still the motto of all dieticians. The modern diet emphasizes breakfast. Some of the benefits of breakfast include maintaining regular blood sugar levels (especially in diabetics, improving metabolism, energy and nutritional balance in exercise users, etc.) Breakfast was supposed to be the key meal of day.But the science evolves and different observations and case results sometimes have different to say.

On the contrary, there are some differences in opinion that all the above factors may vary according to body type and personal circumstances. The results of breakfast can be seen individually. In Ayurveda it is stated that best is to eat twice daily in the morning and in the evening. This is a general important guideline.There is another mention as well.

In Ayurveda, a verse comes in the description of ideal daily regimen(Dincharya) \”Jirane Hitam Mitta Chadnyaan\” .This verse means that the meal of previous night should be well digested before you start your day with another meal.Also the portion of that starting meal should not be heavy.

In Ayurveda the daily regimen is given high importance. In the course of describing so, the right time of breakfast is mentioned after one had its basic body cleaning ritual like cleaning teeth, mouth, defecation and bath. .The word breakfast is not used there, of course, but there is a clear mention that the previous night\’s food should be well digested. Likewise, in the winter, the digestive fire is illuminated and if the healthy person is hungry in the morning, he should eat the food immediately after daily cleaning rituals .This is yet another breakfast-related reference in Ayurveda.

Apart from all the scientific indications,breakfast is an integral part of many people\’s day-to-day life.  If breakfast is a part of some daily routine,then there is a reasonable expectation. Try to get it fresh as often as possible.

If you have digested previous meal or full dinner, your body is prepared for next food , have breakfast .

 If the digestive fire is good for someone who is physically active, hard working, or who exercises a lot, then that person needs breakfast. Two things are important your bowel should be clear and you should really feel hungry.

How do you know if last night dinner is properly digested?

You wake up in the morning, if the tongue is clean, there is no sticky white thick layer on the tongue, there is no heaviness in the stomach and motion is clear,you are eligible for breakfast.

If the motion is not clear tongue is coated, body and stomach is heavy then certainly avoid breakfast .By eating still you will be burdening the digestive system more.

Who needs breakfast and why?

  • Those who have a good digestivefire, those who are physically active need breakfast.

Due to the changing lifestyle, some people need to have a light breakfast as maintaining lunch time is a rare thing nowadays.

  • The ideal timefor lunch is between 11am to 12.30 pm.ideal dinner time is before sunset I.e. 6apm to 7pm(subjective to the demographic location) It is definitely beneficial and everyone should try to follow it. But some schedules are binding and unchangeable. When schedules cannot be changed,one has to make lifestyle changes that are beneficial to the health and circumstances.
  • Till 9am, is ideal time for breakfast.Thiskeeps the body active until lunchtime. But most people have a very late breakfast,10 o\’clock or later. It seems necessary to point out that such breakfast is not expected to benefit
  • Eating fullest of the stomach capacity is wrong practise.
  • Individuals with low appetite can eat lunch without breakfast, or even breakfast like a cup of milk or some fruitis enough for them. Lack of digestive power and lack of physical energy can lead to discomfort, heaviness, etc.
  • Pitta Dosha people needs breakfast due to the dominant fire element in their appetite.Kafa Dosha people can be happy without breakfast and compulsion of the same can lead to the indigestion, heaviness,Ama and also. Vata Dosha people are little unpredictable and their needs change as per the season and Dosha dominance
  • It is wrong to have breakfast in above conditions. If you follow what your stomach instructs you with, then the problems of indigestion caused are automatically avoided.
  • The dietary and energy needs of individuals who are ill vary. Breakfast is not usually given in disorders of the digestive tract. It is not advisable to give regularheavy breakfast foods in cold ,fever, diarrhoea, vomiting ,post operative patients

In short the take home message is respect your body constituent, get examined it if you are not aware of body type. Appetite is the captain obey its commands ,do not just overcrowd the stomach ship. Chronic indigestion is the tip of iceberg , underneath huge pathology goes on.Titanic may happen any time.

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