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Spice it up the yellow way …

“Each spice has a special day to it. For turmeric it is Sunday, when light drips fat and butter-colour into the bins to be soaked up glowing, when you pray to the nine planets for love and luck.” Chitra Banerjee

Aha!! That colour cater my eyes, the smell that awakes my taste buds, the taste that linger in my soul….
Turmeric is a widely used spice in Asian cooking. It has refreshing aroma and strong taste and pleasant yellow colour. Beside its importance in cooking it has got many medicinal properties and it a important herb in Ayurveda.
Turmeric properties:
o Detoxifies the liver
o Natural potent Antibacterial
o Balances cholesterol levels
o Fights various skin allergies
o Stimulates digestion
o Boosts immunity
o Enhances the complexion(skin lightening )
o Antioxidant
o Antiaging

Diseases in which turmeric is used as a medicine :
o Anemia,
o cancer,
o diabetes,
o food poisoning, indigestion
o gallstones, , IBS(colitis), parasites, poor circulation,
o Infections, and wounds.
How to use turmeric in dishes:
• Fresh turmeric pickle, in various salads an ingredient •
• In many delicacies turmeric leaves are used for its aroma. e.g. steamed fish wrapped in turmeric leaf or some sweet dish seasoned with turmeric leaf
• Dry turmeric powder in almost all curries, pickles etc.
• Toss pinch of turmeric in fried vegetables
• Add pinch in soups
• Sprinkles it on boiled eggs, rice, roll and as per your imagination
• Pinch of turmeric in milk

Quick tips:
• Pinch of turmeric powder +honey for comman cold , fever
Turmeric +dry ginger powder+ basil juice for respiratory infections
Turmeric powder + fresh cream is an amazing skin whitener and moisturiser
Applying turmeric powder+milk and honey with dash of lemon juice is an effective tan remover
• Teeth whitening effectis well known .
• Turmeric both external application and internally taken for skin allergies
• Turmeric powder at morning time for menstrual disorders , only after consulting with any Ayurveda consultant
• Pinch of turmeric on minor wounds heals it faster and keep away the infections
• In Chronic inflammation turmeric reduces swelling and pain when taken internally under the guidance
• Turmeric dosage is very less being a potent spice with really strong odour and flavour.
Spread the yellow …… Stay Healthy Stay Blessed!
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  1. Sharmishtha Kher

    How to use turmeric for diabetes ? Is it ok to combine it with awla tablets and consume regularly as first thing in morning?

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