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Spread,Roll ,Dip : You cant afford miss it

Its been while since I posted my first blog on food and health. I want to introduce some simple, non messy and easy to make food for all which do have positive health impacts too, apart from the taste.

One more genuine try from me.One self  modified recipe for all of you. This  can be a good replacement for the tomato sauce and fruit jams sometimes. Many of us want to avoid those preservative added and packed things but the option to them is not known.

Simple ingredients that are highly health friendly , trust me the taste is equally competent .

Iron overload chutney :

As the name I gave to this chutney , this is indeed loaded with lots of armed Iron and Immunity builders.

Mouth-watering loved by kids ,drama teens and less appetite suffering elders too. Excellent for those who are ill , or recovering from the illness. In short it is a all time yes for this one.


  • Seedless black dates, dried figs ,blackcurrants (all mixed 1 bowl )No need to soak these.
  • Ripe tamarind pulp(soak in water and strain the pulp) , half bowl
  • Cumin and coriander seeds powder (3 tsf)
  • Jaggery  (half bowl)
  • A pinch of red chilli powder and salt to taste.

Grind well all ingredients together, add little  amount of water to make soft paste and believe me that’s all !

Your silky shiny smooth, irresistible , sweet and tangy chutney is ready.I just cant describe the amazing cumin and coriander seed taste that add the punch in this chutney

Spread it on paratha and roll it. Add the tangy punch in Toast or sandwiches. Dip and munch on your patties , dhokla or samosa. Add in salads as a dressing. Imagination allows you. Store it not more than one week .

lets have a look to the super hero ingredients in this recipe.


  • Ayurveda puts dates in first five best fruits category.
  • It is cool in property and is a best tonic in chronic diseases to heal the loss in body.
  • Dates replenish energy and revitalize the body instantly.
  • Contain health benefiting antioxidants known as tannins.
  • Rich source of Vit.A, Calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, magnesium.

Blackcurrant :(Manuka)

  • Munnka or blackcurrant is the most praised among all the fruits in Ayurveda. It is advised to use all time and for all.
  • It is useful in various diseases like fever, Pitta related abnormalities, unexplained thirst, haemorrhagic diseases (bleeding disorders)
  • The antioxidants anthocyanin in blackcurrants have potential health effects against cancer, aging, inflammation, and neurological diseases.
  • Very rich source of VitA, VitC and iron itself

Dried fig(Anjeer):

  • Pitta pacifying this fruit is gives energy  and replenishes the body.
  • Cool property of Fig vitalise all the elements in body
  • Dried figs are an excellent sources of minerals like calcium, copper, potassium, manganese, iron, selenium and zinc. Potassium is an important component of cell and body fluids that helps controlling heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Copper required in the production of red blood cells. Iron is essential for red blood cell formation as well for cellular oxidation


  • Ripe tamarind is a good appetiser and taste enhancer fruit
  • We use tamarind in many herbal preparation because of its Vaat dosha pacifying and eliminating property. In higher dose it may cause acidity and some blood related disorders .Moderate amount is beneficial.
  •  Tamarind is rich in many vital vitamins, including Vit B thiamine (36% of daily required levels), vitamin-A, folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, and vitamin-C.


  • The total mineral content of jaggery is 5 times higher than brown sugar and 50 times more than that of regular sugar.
  • Other nutrients found in jaggery are riboflavin, thiamin, niacin, zinc, chromium, and copper.
  • The plus points with consumption of jaggery are low-fat and low sodium content.
  • Ayurveda cautions eating jiggery in excess amount may cause worms .Also excess consumption of it can lead to metabolic impairment with respect to blood sugar .
  • Do use it as sweetener in stead of sugar without worry but any good food in excess is not always healthy.

Cumin And Coriander seeds:

  • Add a appetising value with a fantastic taste. It helps in digestion.
  • A pinch of the powder enhances the taste buds activity on tongue and it also initiates the digestive enzymes to their functions.

All these things are handy right in front of our eyes in jars on the kitchen shelves . Take 5 minutes out to try it and do write and give feed back.

(The above write up belongs to the author Dr.Rupali Panse.The act of sharing the knowledge with due credit to the blog author will be appreciated. Images courtesy :Dr.Rupali Panse)

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