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Step out, meet surprising new ‘You’ !

This is the last part the blog series which was dedicated to the Menopause and Ayurveda view on it.

We saw how woman to woman symptoms, treatment and diet differs.In this particular blog how the lifestyle can help to relieve many menopausal symptoms is elaborated.Lifestyle is not about only exercise and job profile . The way you spend your day, week, month years by years is your lifestyle.Other than diet sleep, exercise, work, hobby, entertainment and social involvement decide your lifestyle.

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Lets see how can we do very small positive changes in these and rip tremendous benefits out them for easy menopause .

Sleep : In one of my blog named “ Zzz.. Because sleep solves everything’’ I have described how the sound sleep is important and the health hazards due to the less, more or irregular sleep patterns.Click the link to read more about it.

Because, sleep solves everything…zzzzzz

All major healing process occurs during sleep so ladies go to sleep early , have enough sleep of at least 7 to 8 hours and wake up early at least one hour before sunrise. Everything can wait, do adjustments and follow your sleep pattern religiously.

Following this simple investment in sleep will reduce the symptoms like stress, mental fatigue, mood swings, and heaviness during menopausal years.

Exercise: Exercise is the best doctor for all the changes that happen during menopause. Consult your Ayurveda doctor which exercises suit your body type.

Secretion of antidepressants during exercises relieve the overall laziness, weight, develop confidence, improves the blood supply to the joints and muscles, in fact every  organ is benefited .

Regular walking, simple stretching exercises, Yoga and meditation are must in this phase in all women under the proper guidance of suitable person.

Work : Be it a working woman or a busy home maker, getting involved in work has multiple benefits on the emotional health during the menopause .Try to handle the work stress at office and in home positively and learn to say No where the thing is beyond your physical and mental capacity. Do not take part in any race for career, multitasks at home etc. It’s your life, set your own comfort limits.

Hobby :  Hobby is so important that I have written a separate blog on Hobby . Do read it.

Hobby can be your multivitamins in the phase of Menopause. Trust me following your hobby can make you fall in love with your life. It helps to reduce almost all psychological symptoms like depression, feeling inferior, lowered confidence etc. It also make brain exercise well so the forgetfulness, confusions, hyper reactive moods are controlled.

Entertainment and social involvement:

At this phase of life the kids are grown up ,quite independent and the non working women have much free time . Please invest this time in right things. Choosing the television and the melodrama serials for the entertainment is a very dangerous idea. It pollutes brain, makes one more susceptible for the wrong psychological cognition. Choose what you see, read carefully. Always choose something that makes you laugh, teach a new good virtue and make you care and love for your life. Avoid all those which make you pessimistic, teach to see the world with hate, doubt and make simple little things in family and society complicated and unhappy.

There are endless good things happening around good movies, books, dramas, music concerts, speeches, get together, small group trips.Step out and explore those.

Learn something new that you always wanted to but couldn’t. Cooking, swimming, dance, singing, stitching, teaching, small scale business, etc. are the examples. Learn something new that you always think you cannot do. You will find the surprising new you.

Do contribute in small social causes as per your convenience. People out in world need you and your help. Help them and rip the health benefits emotionally and physically too.

Eating healthy and doing exercise is not a perfect lifestyle. Along with this understanding life, respecting life and living it with virtues is a perfect lifestyle.

Take care all sweet ladies and beat Menopause in your style!

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