Sinus minus junk: happy breathing!

click "Winter is when miserable water gushes out of sky and spring is when miserable water gushes out my nose." These are not so romantic, not so nature loving feeling of the person suffering from the sinusitis on off. Sinusitis is a painful condition where internal layer of sinus mucosa gets infected and inflamed. It … Continue reading Sinus minus junk: happy breathing!

Frozen walk in aisles !

गोठवणाऱ्या गल्ल्या ,सुन्न मन आणि अन्नाची पाकिटे ! नाही नाही लेखाचे शीर्षक एखाद्या suspense कादंबरीचे किंवा अस्वस्थ समाजाचे वाटत असले तरी अजून पण मी आहारावरच लिहिते आहे. पुण्याहून अमेरिकेत येऊन तब्बल ८ महिने होताहेत पण अजूनही इथल्या काही गोष्टी झेपत नाहीएत. इथल्या अनेक गोष्टींनी मला प्रेमात पाडलंय, कित्येक वेळा जीव हुरहुरतो कि अरे यार आपण … Continue reading Frozen walk in aisles !

Your Mind: Kaleidoscope of feelings !

  Human mind is a strange kaleidoscope. It forms and plays the various shades of numeral emotions and feelings every minute.A strange chemistry of previous experiences, thought process, characters , beliefs,values and behavior decide the mental health of person. Thirst, hunger, self-defense, fear, aggression, sensitivity and ability and way of expression are seen in every … Continue reading Your Mind: Kaleidoscope of feelings !

Dare not push this alarm on snooze!

 Blog : Gene is a loaded gun ,don’t push the trigger of lifestyle ! part 2 The most common routine thing among the youngster and teenagers is that they don’t have any routine. The young are busy to get updated about everything outside but they knew nothing about Biological clock within themselves.  While following all … Continue reading Dare not push this alarm on snooze!

Sleep:A Magic Pill

Are you a night creature who think staying  awake late night is fun? Planning for a late night party?  Are you missing on your regular sleep? Are you hitting whole night for the study? Do you work in night shifts? Then you should read this …. 10 amazing facts: Why we need  sound sleep ? Healing is … Continue reading Sleep:A Magic Pill

Umm …I love pasta !

रविवारी ब्लॉग पब्लिश झाला कि त्यावर प्रश्न शंका आणि त्याबरोबर च एखादा विषय वाचक कायम सुचवत असतात.सुचवलेल्या विषयांवर मी लिहिण्याचा प्रयत्न करीतच असते. परंतु खूप विषय जमल्यामुळे हळू हळू एक एक विषय ब्लॉग साठी घेतेय. काही वाचक दरवेळेस आवर्जून आठवण करून देतात,कधी सहज तर कधी तक्रारीच्या स्वरात विचारतात.माझी कोलकात्याची एक महिला वाचक तर चक्क रुसली … Continue reading Umm …I love pasta !

Tender cord – A Baby’s First Lifeline!

Tender cord – A Baby’s First Lifeline! National Nutrition Week: Article Number 1 The first thing that comes to my mind when I write about nutrition is “The Umbilical Cord”, the primal connection of a mother to the baby and his first source of nourishment. This cord is the connection to provide nutrition and development … Continue reading Tender cord – A Baby’s First Lifeline!

When your Needs overcome your Cravings

"You are what you eat !" may be the most heard, said ,used but less thought and followed phrase by human. In previous three blogs we had seen the various aspects related to menopause . For reference kindly go through the link for those blogs. Ayurveda has strong belief in Aahar Chikitsa … Continue reading When your Needs overcome your Cravings