Do you know what works best always ?

If I ask you what will you want to pass on to future generations? Tradition of unhealthy, illogical, baseless junk food or scientific timeless wisdom of mindful food ? Certainly we want to pass on the best in next generation. Be it our genes , inherited property or environment, we want things which will make … Continue reading Do you know what works best always ?

“You should eat this when you are sick: Wholesome Ayurveda diet .”

 Patient suffering from diarrhea on phone “Doctor I have burning sensation in my stomach, can I eat something cold, ice cream may be?” Me: Are you asking or telling me after you already ate ? He (mumbles): “Yes I had only small one!” Me in my mind (obviously): Stay close to toilet and keep tissue … Continue reading “You should eat this when you are sick: Wholesome Ayurveda diet .”

Millet diet : Mindful choice!

“When you  getting gold, why go for Tamba(Copper )?“ I couldn’t  resist myself using these lines from one Bollywood song to start this blog. When I take case or history of clients, I find we have restricted our food choices to limited . Take an example of grains. Wheat rules undoubtfully in bakery and restaurants … Continue reading Millet diet : Mindful choice!

Feed thy brain,not depression !

Feed thy brain, not depression: Mindful eating is new Mantra ! That sip of coffee you just had or frozen dessert you are planning tonight or a broccoli in your fork are the future feelings your brain will return you sooner or later. What you eat is what you are is an old wise saying. … Continue reading Feed thy brain,not depression !

Everything you must know of diet in Corona disease.

Do you want to hear the blog instead of reading? Click here and enjoy listening Everything you must know about, Do sand Don’ts  of diet in Corona disease. Diet for Covid patients This blog is dedicated to the all the front warriors, volunteers and people who are coming forward to help and sort the disaster … Continue reading Everything you must know of diet in Corona disease.

For my sweet tooth

माझ्या गोडाच्या सवयीची सोय ! गरज आणि कुतूहल हि शोधाची जननी आहे असे म्हणतात. अगदी असेच माझ्या जवळजवळ सगळ्या पोस्ट्स ची जननी माझे पेशंट आहेत असे मी म्हंटले तर त्यात काही अतिशयोक्ती नक्कीच नाही.त्यांच्या मेंदूचा कायम ऑन असणारा अँटेना पुढचा ब्लॉग कशावर लिहावा असा प्रश्न पडूच देत नाही कारण त्यांचे प्रश्न कायम तयार असतात. पेशंट … Continue reading For my sweet tooth

”Meat Myths and Ayurveda”

“What are you saying doctor? You are advising me goat meat soup? But you are an Ayurvedic doctor..How can ..I mean?  Does Ayurveda allow nonveg?” My patient was shocked looking confused at me. Some years back a case of muscular wasting needed a major change in diet than medicine. I had advised him goat meat … Continue reading ”Meat Myths and Ayurveda”

सूप,बीप आणि बरेच काही!

माझ्या" द सूप लूप सागा: फूड अलर्ट " या वॊर्डप्रेस वरील ब्लॉग चे हे मराठी रूपांतर होय. "तुम्हाला सांगते ,माझ्यासाठी माझ्या कुटुंबाचे आरोग्य सगळ्यात आधी! फळे,सलाड सूप असे फक्त हेल्दी च पोटात जाईल असे मी कायम बघते.ते चिवडे तळलेलं अजिबात घरात नसते! "बँकेत उच्चपदस्थ आणि दोन गोड़ मुलींची आई असलेली माझी एक पेशंट खूप अभिमानाने … Continue reading सूप,बीप आणि बरेच काही!

The Soup loop saga: Food alert!

“Thank God we are a healthy diet following family.Regular soups,salad and fruits are must for my kids and us.”A regular patient of mine was passing on the information I needed about her lifestyle and diet habits.I was very impressed by this high profile very busy banker and a mother of two beautiful daughters. I admired … Continue reading The Soup loop saga: Food alert!