Feed thy brain,not depression !

Feed thy brain, not depression: Mindful eating is new Mantra ! That sip of coffee you just had or frozen dessert you are planning tonight or a broccoli in your fork are the future feelings your brain will return you sooner or later. What you eat is what you are is an old wise saying. … Continue reading Feed thy brain,not depression !

Amazing facts of the National food of India!

Food has various impacts on human life other than only cuisine or culinary art. Surprisingly even literature ,drama couldn’t resist themselves from this delicious influence. Take this exceptionally beautiful example of Raja Bhoj and Kavi Kalidasa from ancinet Indian history. Once Raja Bhoj was sick and he was served with the hot soft Khichdi (rice … Continue reading Amazing facts of the National food of India!

Keto,Ramesh-Suresh & Ayurveda!

There was Ramesh and there was Suresh. Dreams and hard work to achieve the masculine body and weight loss were paying off pretty in these two desperately regularly gym goers. One day Ramesh uttered a magic word into Suresh’s ear, “Keto ….Keto ...Keto” Magic began. Suresh started achieving the goals easily with great weight loss … Continue reading Keto,Ramesh-Suresh & Ayurveda!

The Soup loop saga: Food alert!

“Thank God we are a healthy diet following family.Regular soups,salad and fruits are must for my kids and us.”A regular patient of mine was passing on the information I needed about her lifestyle and diet habits.I was very impressed by this high profile very busy banker and a mother of two beautiful daughters. I admired … Continue reading The Soup loop saga: Food alert!

Celebrate sweets !

दिवाळीचे दिवस आहे पाहुणे ,भेटीगाठी आणि गोड़ पदार्थ हि देखील आगळीवेगळी पर्वणीच! याच धर्तीवर एका पेशंटच्या सहज विचारलेल्या प्रश्नाचे उत्तर आज ब्लॉग म्हणून पोस्ट करतेय. "डॉक्टर ,बाहेरील गोड व्यंजने विशेषतः खव्याची व्यंजने टाळावी असे तुम्ही कायम सुचवता. काही सहज सोप्या पारंपरिक गोड व्यंजनांची यादी देऊ शकाल का? थोडे आधी प्लॅन करून वेळ असेल तेंव्हा करता … Continue reading Celebrate sweets !

उपासाचे पंचपक्वानांचं ताट !!!!!!?????

उपासाचे पंचपक्वानांचं ताट !!!!!!????? "आई, हे उपासाच्या फराळाचे ताट आहे?" विस्फारलेल्या डोळ्यांनी मी सासूबाई ना विचारत होते.लग्नानंतरच्या पहिल्याच नवरात्राच्या अष्टमीला सवाष्ण फराळाला आली होती,मी नुकतीच पुण्याहून नाशकात घरी पोचत होते,आई ताट वाढत होत्या.त्यांच्या गोड़ आवाजात , अगं आलीस का ग? मधून आता तुझा आयुर्वेदिक उपदेश सुरु नको करुस इशारा मला कळला होता, म्हणून मी लगेच … Continue reading उपासाचे पंचपक्वानांचं ताट !!!!!!?????

Spread it healthy way!

"Every alternate day i give chapati role with cheese spread with various flavors in lunch box."A regular patient's mother . "This much frequent use of cheese spreads and other ready to use spread isn't good for your 5 year old son" i was trying to explain ."Once in a while you can treat him with … Continue reading Spread it healthy way!

Out of the pan : Traditional recipe no.1

Mother , children and food is the most complex triangle. No theorem ,no mathematician comes to rescue we mothers. Its really a tricky thing to keep kids on right track of their eating habits and food choices. Cooking for kids is the most, 'need to update and upgrade field'  and i can see the slight … Continue reading Out of the pan : Traditional recipe no.1