“You should eat this when you are sick: Wholesome Ayurveda diet .”

 Patient suffering from diarrhea on phone “Doctor I have burning sensation in my stomach, can I eat something cold, ice cream may be?” Me: Are you asking or telling me after you already ate ? He (mumbles): “Yes I had only small one!” Me in my mind (obviously): Stay close to toilet and keep tissue … Continue reading “You should eat this when you are sick: Wholesome Ayurveda diet .”

Millet diet : Mindful choice!

“When you  getting gold, why go for Tamba(Copper )?“ I couldn’t  resist myself using these lines from one Bollywood song to start this blog. When I take case or history of clients, I find we have restricted our food choices to limited . Take an example of grains. Wheat rules undoubtfully in bakery and restaurants … Continue reading Millet diet : Mindful choice!

“Teensy-weensy & mighty ! : 5 effective ways to use Sesame seeds !

I always have a special affection towards these tiny black, brown sesame seeds. I make sure use them very often in many dishes. Nutty aroma while roasting is pure Nostalgia. Munching on the small sesame jaggery balls or bars made by mom specially in winters was fun in childhood. Let’s talk about small dynamites stuffed … Continue reading “Teensy-weensy & mighty ! : 5 effective ways to use Sesame seeds !

‘Oh, Em Ghee’ !! Everything you must know about Ghee !

Indian kitchens and cooks swear by ghee. Ghee is as old as early human civilization and Vedic era. Importance of ghee for its nutritional benefits reflects in diverse culture of Indian cuisine. From Infancy to old age ghee takes care of every and tear be it physical or mental! Yes, it is not exaggeration at … Continue reading ‘Oh, Em Ghee’ !! Everything you must know about Ghee !

Food, fire and human evolution!

उत्क्रांती संस्कृती आणि आहारक्रांती  "" !!!!!!!!!!! निरोगी जीवनशैली,उत्तम सकस आहार, योग्य व्यायाम, ताणतणाव नियोजन,मनाची प्रसन्नता तसेच आरोग्य  आणि अध्यात्मिक आरोग्य म्हणजेच स्पिरिच्युअल हेल्थ या वेगवेगळ्या निकषांवर आज आरोग्य संकल्पनेवर काम होतेय. रोग प्रतिबंध यावर विशेष भर दिला जातो जे आयुर्वेद ग्रंथांचे मूळ तत्व होय. मनुष्य प्राण्याचे जीवन हे शरीर धारणास्तव,म्हणजे फक्त जगावे म्हणून  केलेले अन्न … Continue reading Food, fire and human evolution!

A query: Food allergies and Bone health!

The Sunday blogs have connected with many regular readers who revert back with further questions, experiences and more curiosity about the topic.Most of the times i try to satisfy the queries one on one. These queries and answer may help others too. So trying to put some  of such queries with the answers in forth … Continue reading A query: Food allergies and Bone health!

Desi food and belly fat !

I remember this incident which made me write this blog. It was publication ceremony of my book on food and nutrition ,when one of the guest after a formal talk asked me one question. Yes my readers are welcome to ask their queries anywhere anytime. He knew this ,so he asked it without hesitation. ‘’Mam … Continue reading Desi food and belly fat !

Food waste : Crime with the planet !

The most disturbing fact about the food is food waste. There is enough food produced in the world to feed everyone.But one third of all food produced is lost or wasted. Around 1.3 billion tonnes of food costing the global economy close to $940 billion each year is wasted. Each time food goes wasted or … Continue reading Food waste : Crime with the planet !

Soda:Tobacco of 21century.

फेसाळत्या बुडबुड्यांचे गोड व्यसन ! माझ्या वर्डप्रेसवरील 'बबली,फ्रिझी,स्वीट ऍडिक्शन' ह्या लेखाचा हा मराठी अनुवाद होय. "पालक त्यांच्या मुलांना त्यांच्याच लाडाने मारताय का?पालक आपल्या मुलांना व्यसनी बनवताय का?खूप प्रेम आहे म्हणून किंवा नाही म्हणूं शकत नाही म्हणून आपणच आपल्या मुलांना गोड विष देताय का? मागे कुठेतरी एक वाक्य वाचले होते,'सोडा(शीतपेय) हे २१ व्या शतकाची तंबाखू!' मनोमन … Continue reading Soda:Tobacco of 21century.