Food waste : Crime with the planet !

The most disturbing fact about the food is food waste. There is enough food produced in the world to feed everyone.But one third of all food produced is lost or wasted. Around 1.3 billion tonnes of food costing the global economy close to $940 billion each year is wasted. Each time food goes wasted or … Continue reading Food waste : Crime with the planet !

Soda:Tobacco of 21century.

फेसाळत्या बुडबुड्यांचे गोड व्यसन ! माझ्या वर्डप्रेसवरील 'बबली,फ्रिझी,स्वीट ऍडिक्शन' ह्या लेखाचा हा मराठी अनुवाद होय. "पालक त्यांच्या मुलांना त्यांच्याच लाडाने मारताय का?पालक आपल्या मुलांना व्यसनी बनवताय का?खूप प्रेम आहे म्हणून किंवा नाही म्हणूं शकत नाही म्हणून आपणच आपल्या मुलांना गोड विष देताय का? मागे कुठेतरी एक वाक्य वाचले होते,'सोडा(शीतपेय) हे २१ व्या शतकाची तंबाखू!' मनोमन … Continue reading Soda:Tobacco of 21century.

The bubbly,frizzy, sweet addiction!!

Are parents killing their kids with kindness? Are they making their own kids addicted? Do you offer sweet poison to your little one because you love and can’t say NO to her or him? Somewhere I read the quote “Soda: Tobacco of the 21st century”. Soda a sweet, bubbly, frizzy sea drowning the kids deep to … Continue reading The bubbly,frizzy, sweet addiction!!

A bowl of dead food: Today’s trend!

The most prosperous and non ending market and business today is food industry.Tomorrow it will be the same or flourished more .Health and medicine industrial growth is directly proportionate to the food industry.Does that mean the food technology creating need for medicine in society ?Food industry creating more patients or customer for medicine giants.Yes to … Continue reading A bowl of dead food: Today’s trend!