Sleep:A Magic Pill

Are you a night creature who think staying  awake late night is fun? Planning for a late night party?  Are you missing on your regular sleep? Are you hitting whole night for the study? Do you work in night shifts? Then you should read this …. 10 amazing facts: Why we need  sound sleep ? Healing is … Continue reading Sleep:A Magic Pill

Excuse me,dear bothering Obesity!

Does my Obesity affect my life quality? Obesity is the abnormal increase in weight, accumulation of fat tissues around waist ,abdomen and thighs. This increase in weight and fat deposition does not only hamper the overall look of the person. Apart from the cosmetic reasons obesity affects the health and the quality of life in … Continue reading Excuse me,dear bothering Obesity!

The bubbly,frizzy, sweet addiction!!

Are parents killing their kids with kindness? Are they making their own kids addicted? Do you offer sweet poison to your little one because you love and can’t say NO to her or him? Somewhere I read the quote “Soda: Tobacco of the 21st century”. Soda a sweet, bubbly, frizzy sea drowning the kids deep to suffer!  Initially … Continue reading The bubbly,frizzy, sweet addiction!!

Get roasted, stay alive!

एका वाचकांनी सुचविल्यामुळे हे लिहितेय. कडाक्याच्या उन्हात हे जरूर सांभाळा स्वतःच्या काळजी बद्दल तर बोलूच परंतु हे नक्की करा. सुदैवाने आज या क्षणाला घरात गारव्यात सावलीत बसून उन्हाचे बाहेर पडू नये असे डोस देणे विरोधाभास वाटतोय कारण, मला तुम्हाला कदाचित शक्य होईल बाहेर उन्हात जाणे टाळणे. परंतु जे लोक उन्हातच काम करतात उदा.बिल्डिंग मधील वॉचमन, … Continue reading Get roasted, stay alive!