“Feed me, not my disease! Ayurveda diet when you are ill.”

The phone rang. Patient of diarrhea i had seen the same day on phone “Doctor i have burning sensation in my stomach can I eat ice cream?” Me: Are you asking or telling me after you had one cup of it ? He (mumbles): “Yes I had one!” Me in my mind (obviously): Stay close … Continue reading “Feed me, not my disease! Ayurveda diet when you are ill.”

Something that you must know about Breakfast!

Finally we are in the era where the the term individualism is being noticed and respected. The talent of a fish ,an elephant and a monkey cannot be standardized on the basis of their hunting skills or so. The punch line is every body is different. This applies to the diet theories too. They can … Continue reading Something that you must know about Breakfast!

8 things you must know before jumping on any diet!

Ancient Food guru ! The 8 things you must know before jumping on any diet Fix your food first to fix everything in your mind is the mantra of the era! Finally the world understands that there are more properties of food beyond the nutritional values. Food has its own nature. You cannot drive your … Continue reading 8 things you must know before jumping on any diet!

The Soup loop saga: Food alert!

“Thank God we are a healthy diet following family.Regular soups,salad and fruits are must for my kids and us.”A regular patient of mine was passing on the information I needed about her lifestyle and diet habits.I was very impressed by this high profile very busy banker and a mother of two beautiful daughters. I admired … Continue reading The Soup loop saga: Food alert!

Celebrate sweets !

दिवाळीचे दिवस आहे पाहुणे ,भेटीगाठी आणि गोड़ पदार्थ हि देखील आगळीवेगळी पर्वणीच! याच धर्तीवर एका पेशंटच्या सहज विचारलेल्या प्रश्नाचे उत्तर आज ब्लॉग म्हणून पोस्ट करतेय. "डॉक्टर ,बाहेरील गोड व्यंजने विशेषतः खव्याची व्यंजने टाळावी असे तुम्ही कायम सुचवता. काही सहज सोप्या पारंपरिक गोड व्यंजनांची यादी देऊ शकाल का? थोडे आधी प्लॅन करून वेळ असेल तेंव्हा करता … Continue reading Celebrate sweets !

‘Rangoli’ that you can literally eat!

Rangoli Pancake An early morning call from a friend, asking how was the Ganesh and Gauri festival. A causal question from her,“So, what is there in for breakfast today?” I answered expecting her reaction “ Rangoli pancake!”As expected she screamed What??? , I said yes you heard it correct. Yes you too read it correct. … Continue reading ‘Rangoli’ that you can literally eat!

The bubbly,frizzy, sweet addiction!!

Are parents killing their kids with kindness? Are they making their own kids addicted? Do you offer sweet poison to your little one because you love and can’t say NO to her or him? Somewhere I read the quote “Soda: Tobacco of the 21st century”. Soda a sweet, bubbly, frizzy sea drowning the kids deep to suffer!  Initially … Continue reading The bubbly,frizzy, sweet addiction!!

उपासाचे पंचपक्वानांचं ताट !!!!!!?????

उपासाचे पंचपक्वानांचं ताट !!!!!!????? "आई, हे उपासाच्या फराळाचे ताट आहे?" विस्फारलेल्या डोळ्यांनी मी सासूबाई ना विचारत होते.लग्नानंतरच्या पहिल्याच नवरात्राच्या अष्टमीला सवाष्ण फराळाला आली होती,मी नुकतीच पुण्याहून नाशकात घरी पोचत होते,आई ताट वाढत होत्या.त्यांच्या गोड़ आवाजात , अगं आलीस का ग? मधून आता तुझा आयुर्वेदिक उपदेश सुरु नको करुस इशारा मला कळला होता, म्हणून मी लगेच … Continue reading उपासाचे पंचपक्वानांचं ताट !!!!!!?????

A bowl of dead food: Today’s trend!

The most prosperous and non ending market and business today is food industry.Tomorrow it will be the same or flourished more .Health and medicine industrial growth is directly proportionate to the food industry.Does that mean the food technology creating need for medicine in society ?Food industry creating more patients or customer for medicine giants.Yes to … Continue reading A bowl of dead food: Today’s trend!