A cup of ‘kadha’ can keep a doctor away !

व्याधिप्रतिकार क्षमत्व वाढवण्यासाठी आयुष ह्या भारतातील महत्वाच्या संघटनेने अगदी सोपे घरातील डब्या डब्यात आढळणारे स्वैपाकघरातील घटकद्रव्ये वापरून एक फॉर्मुला सामान्य लोकांसाठी पुढे आणला.कुठलेही क्लिष्ट नाव नाही, कुठलेही महागडे फॉर्मुलेशन नाही , गरिबांपासून श्रीमंतांपर्यंत सर्वाना च सहज नेहमी करता येईल एवढी आपलीशी स्वस्त घटकद्रव्ये. सुशिक्षित अशिक्षित ,अगदी कुणीही सहज करू शकले अशी चहासारखी साधी पाककृती.साहजिक च … Continue reading A cup of ‘kadha’ can keep a doctor away !

10 FAQs on ‘incompatible diet’ made me write!!

Yes I am taking a risk by writing this specific blog . Some people will be mad at me for enlisting their favourite food in the black list. Some people will not believe what they are reading. But most the people who are reading will thank me for the revelation of  the harsh facts  they may not … Continue reading 10 FAQs on ‘incompatible diet’ made me write!!

Because, sleep solves everything…zzzzzz

Are you a night creature who think staying awake late nights is fun? Planning for a late night party?  Are u missing on your regular sleep? Are you hitting whole night for the study ? Do u work in night shifts? Then you should read this …. 15 amazing facts, why we need sleep : Healing … Continue reading Because, sleep solves everything…zzzzzz

Baby, …who moved my ham !!!

There is a universal war, tongue vs gut . I am sure most of the time it is tongue that takes over the poor gut.Lets take an example of the universally loved food Ham. Ham is one of the types of red meat . Red met is  the meat of any adult mammal. e.g. cows, sheep, calves, lamb, … Continue reading Baby, …who moved my ham !!!