Sinus minus junk: happy breathing!

click "Winter is when miserable water gushes out of sky and spring is when miserable water gushes out my nose." These are not so romantic, not so nature loving feeling of the person suffering from the sinusitis on off. Sinusitis is a painful condition where internal layer of sinus mucosa gets infected and inflamed. It … Continue reading Sinus minus junk: happy breathing!

उदक गाथा ! पाण्याची गोष्ट !

उदक गाथा ! पाण्याची गोष्ट !साध्या गोष्टी गुंतागुंतीच्या करणे म्हणजे ट्रेंड! अन्नाची नको तेवढी चिरफाड आणि चर्चा परंतु निष्कर्ष बरेचदा साशंक म्हणजे dietetics. साधे सोपे ताजे परिचयाचे आणि शरीराला आणि मनाला सात्म्य असलेले अन्न आज दुरापास्त झालेय. अगदी बिचारे पाणी देखील यातून सुटले नाही. किती लिटर किंवा मिलिलिटर पाणी कसे प्यावे. पाणी पिऊन वजन कसे … Continue reading उदक गाथा ! पाण्याची गोष्ट !

50 shades of ‘Whey’ : A scoop of protein and you!

Drenching sweat, pumped biceps and a glass of thick protein shake is an eye pleasing site in many gyms or training centers.Put that glass aside and read this! Sachin Tendulkar is the God of cricket .For the Gym lovers and body builders  Whey protein is nothing less than God!Friends, dietician, gym guru and may be … Continue reading 50 shades of ‘Whey’ : A scoop of protein and you!

”Meat Myths and Ayurveda”

“What are you saying doctor? You are advising me goat meat soup? But you are an Ayurvedic doctor..How can ..I mean?  Does Ayurveda allow nonveg?” My patient was shocked looking confused at me. Some years back a case of muscular wasting needed a major change in diet than medicine. I had advised him goat meat … Continue reading ”Meat Myths and Ayurveda”

Keto,Ramesh-Suresh & Ayurveda!

There was Ramesh and there was Suresh. Dreams and hard work to achieve the masculine body and weight loss were paying off pretty in these two desperately regularly gym goers. One day Ramesh uttered a magic word into Suresh’s ear, “Keto ….Keto ...Keto” Magic began. Suresh started achieving the goals easily with great weight loss … Continue reading Keto,Ramesh-Suresh & Ayurveda!