‘Feed thy brain, not depression’

Feed thy brain not depression: things you must know about food and mood ! That daily sip of coffee  or an ice cream you are planning tonight or a broccoli in your fork are the future feelings your brain will return you sooner or later. What you eat is what you are is an old … Continue reading ‘Feed thy brain, not depression’

Covid Zombies : Future threat?

New update for readers. Now you can hear the blog.Click here and enjoy listening too. More than a year now, corona virus is still messing not only with our bodies but also with human minds. "Rupali, when you will come back  to Pune, you will not see the same India you had left behind! This … Continue reading Covid Zombies : Future threat?

एक केस , एक विचार :शरीराच्या वेदना मनाचा आरसा

पेशंट खूप जास्त काळाने येणे हि डॉक्टरच्या यशाची पावती असते . याउलट पेशंट वारंवार आला कि डॉक्टरलाच असुरक्षित वाटणे स्वाभाविक आहे किंबहुना वाटायलाच हवे . पेशंट चे हित हेच आम्हा वैद्यकीय व्यवसायाचे ध्येय आहे . योग्य औषधी , हवे ते जीवनशैलीत ले बदल , योग्य आहार असे सगळे उपाययोजना योजूनही एका स्त्री रुग्णास बरे वाटत … Continue reading एक केस , एक विचार :शरीराच्या वेदना मनाचा आरसा