Mind it ! Mind matters!!

Psychology and Ayurveda article 2 They say the most impossible thing in the world is to reach to the bottom of a human mind. It can be reached to infinity and you know nothing. Human is a complex combination of visible body , physical organs  and invisible mind and emotions . Both have huge impact … Continue reading Mind it ! Mind matters!!

“Feed me, not my disease! Ayurveda diet when you are ill.”

The phone rang. Patient of diarrhea i had seen the same day on phone “Doctor i have burning sensation in my stomach can I eat ice cream?” Me: Are you asking or telling me after you had one cup of it ? He (mumbles): “Yes I had one!” Me in my mind (obviously): Stay close … Continue reading “Feed me, not my disease! Ayurveda diet when you are ill.”

Sinus minus junk: happy breathing!

"Winter is when miserable water gushes out of sky and spring is when miserable water gushes out my nose." These are not so romantic, not so nature loving feeling of the person suffering from the sinusitis on off. Sinusitis is a painful condition where internal layer of sinus mucosa gets infected and inflamed. It results … Continue reading Sinus minus junk: happy breathing!

Something that you must know about Breakfast!

Finally we are in the era where the the term individualism is being noticed and respected. The talent of a fish ,an elephant and a monkey cannot be standardized on the basis of their hunting skills or so. The punch line is every body is different. This applies to the diet theories too. They can … Continue reading Something that you must know about Breakfast!

उदक गाथा ! पाण्याची गोष्ट !

उदक गाथा ! पाण्याची गोष्ट ! साध्या गोष्टी गुंतागुंतीच्या करणे म्हणजे ट्रेंड! अन्नाची नको तेवढी चिरफाड आणि चर्चा परंतु निष्कर्ष बरेचदा साशंक म्हणजे dietetics. साधे सोपे ताजे परिचयाचे आणि शरीराला आणि मनाला सात्म्य असलेले अन्न आज दुरापास्त झालेय. अगदी बिचारे पाणी देखील यातून सुटले नाही. किती लिटर किंवा मिलिलिटर पाणी कसे प्यावे. पाणी पिऊन वजन … Continue reading उदक गाथा ! पाण्याची गोष्ट !

Water tales: Myths ,Dos and Don’t s!

Everyday we get hit by many random health advises by various sources. "Start your day with  500ml of water early in the morning empty stomoch. Regularly drink hot water and lemon honey to reduce weight. Drink 3/5 litres of water in your 12 hour day.Oh the beauty secret is lots of water to flush out … Continue reading Water tales: Myths ,Dos and Don’t s!

Excuse me,dear bothering Obesity!

Does my Obesity affect my life quality? Obesity is the abnormal increase in weight, accumulation of fat tissues around waist ,abdomen and thighs. This increase in weight and fat deposition does not only hamper the overall look of the person. Apart from the cosmetic reasons obesity affects the health and the quality of life in … Continue reading Excuse me,dear bothering Obesity!

नकोसा गुटगुटीतपणा: चाईल्ड ओबेसिटी

राष्ट्रीय पोषण सप्ताह लेख क्रमांक ६ दिनांक ६/९/१८ पोषणसप्ताहातील लेखांमध्ये एक लेख तरी बालकांमधील स्थूलता म्हणजे चाईल्ड ओबेसिटी वर लिहा असे खूप मेसेज आलेत म्हणून आजचा हा लेख बालकातील फाजील पोषण आणि स्थौल्य यावर लिहतेय. मागील लेखात आपण बाळ सहा महिन्याचे झाल्यावर साधारण २ वर्षाचे होईस्तोवर आहार कसा असावा हे पाहिलें.बाळ आता मोठे होऊ लागलेले … Continue reading नकोसा गुटगुटीतपणा: चाईल्ड ओबेसिटी

Tender cord – A Baby’s First Lifeline!

Tender cord – A Baby’s First Lifeline! National Nutrition Week: Article Number 1 The first thing that comes to my mind when I write about nutrition is “The Umbilical Cord”, the primal connection of a mother to the baby and his first source of nourishment. This cord is the connection to provide nutrition and development … Continue reading Tender cord – A Baby’s First Lifeline!