Head up gorgeous: Figure it out !

Remember the farmer,tiger, grass and goat puzzle? Some puzzles are timeless.They are not forgotten, they are just passed on and cherished endless by many generation. The boat that can carry only two things at a time, the confused farmer and more confused us in our childhood how n whom to carry first so that grass … Continue reading Head up gorgeous: Figure it out !

Wrinkles, Wit and Wisdom …………..

It was time to leave OPD.Mind full of kid’s stationary list to shop for and here I saw that guiltily smiling innocent face with 3 prominent Ws ‘Wrinkles, Wit and Wisdom’. Aahhh!!! Mrs.ABC again without an appointment and odd time of OPD. I could see the neatly folded chit of her recent complaints in her … Continue reading Wrinkles, Wit and Wisdom …………..