Feed thy brain,not depression !

Feed thy brain, not depression: Mindful eating is new Mantra ! That sip of coffee you just had or frozen dessert you are planning tonight or a broccoli in your fork are the future feelings your brain will return you sooner or later. What you eat is what you are is an old wise saying. … Continue reading Feed thy brain,not depression !

Everything you must know of diet in Corona disease.

Do you want to hear the blog instead of reading? Click here and enjoy listening Everything you must know about, Do sand Don’ts  of diet in Corona disease. Diet for Covid patients This blog is dedicated to the all the front warriors, volunteers and people who are coming forward to help and sort the disaster … Continue reading Everything you must know of diet in Corona disease.

Umm …I love pasta !

रविवारी ब्लॉग पब्लिश झाला कि त्यावर प्रश्न शंका आणि त्याबरोबर च एखादा विषय वाचक कायम सुचवत असतात.सुचवलेल्या विषयांवर मी लिहिण्याचा प्रयत्न करीतच असते. परंतु खूप विषय जमल्यामुळे हळू हळू एक एक विषय ब्लॉग साठी घेतेय. काही वाचक दरवेळेस आवर्जून आठवण करून देतात,कधी सहज तर कधी तक्रारीच्या स्वरात विचारतात.माझी कोलकात्याची एक महिला वाचक तर चक्क रुसली … Continue reading Umm …I love pasta !

For my sweet tooth

माझ्या गोडाच्या सवयीची सोय ! गरज आणि कुतूहल हि शोधाची जननी आहे असे म्हणतात. अगदी असेच माझ्या जवळजवळ सगळ्या पोस्ट्स ची जननी माझे पेशंट आहेत असे मी म्हंटले तर त्यात काही अतिशयोक्ती नक्कीच नाही.त्यांच्या मेंदूचा कायम ऑन असणारा अँटेना पुढचा ब्लॉग कशावर लिहावा असा प्रश्न पडूच देत नाही कारण त्यांचे प्रश्न कायम तयार असतात. पेशंट … Continue reading For my sweet tooth

Desi food and belly fat !

I remember this incident which made me write this blog. It was publication ceremony of my book on food and nutrition ,when one of the guest after a formal talk asked me one question. Yes my readers are welcome to ask their queries anywhere anytime. He knew this ,so he asked it without hesitation. ‘’Mam … Continue reading Desi food and belly fat !

Fire in the gut.Feed me!

Patients queries and questions are always brainstorming activities for me. They keep me on my toes till i don't satisfy them with the suitable answers. It is good that these queries help in choosing topics for my blogs because i am sure by this way the content helps the reader more. One my reader is … Continue reading Fire in the gut.Feed me!

The bubbly,frizzy, sweet addiction!!

Are parents killing their kids with kindness? Are they making their own kids addicted? Do you offer sweet poison to your little one because you love and can’t say NO to her or him? Somewhere I read the quote “Soda: Tobacco of the 21st century”. Soda a sweet, bubbly, frizzy sea drowning the kids deep to … Continue reading The bubbly,frizzy, sweet addiction!!