Dear stomach, stop acting like my girlfriend!

They say girlfriends are demanding. They need constant attention, gifts and are never satisfied. They bother you at workplace, your own space and keeps you distracted. You can’t look over and fulfill their wants. You want or not, you wish to or not, you just have to do it. What if your stomach starts acting … Continue reading Dear stomach, stop acting like my girlfriend!

Your Mind: Kaleidoscope of feelings !

  Human mind is a strange kaleidoscope. It forms and plays the various shades of numeral emotions and feelings every minute.A strange chemistry of previous experiences, thought process, characters , beliefs,values and behavior decide the mental health of person. Thirst, hunger, self-defense, fear, aggression, sensitivity and ability and way of expression are seen in every … Continue reading Your Mind: Kaleidoscope of feelings !

Dare not push this alarm on snooze!

 Blog : Gene is a loaded gun ,don’t push the trigger of lifestyle ! part 2 The most common routine thing among the youngster and teenagers is that they don’t have any routine. The young are busy to get updated about everything outside but they knew nothing about Biological clock within themselves.  While following all … Continue reading Dare not push this alarm on snooze!

Food, fire and human evolution!

उत्क्रांती संस्कृती आणि आहारक्रांती  "" !!!!!!!!!!! निरोगी जीवनशैली,उत्तम सकस आहार, योग्य व्यायाम, ताणतणाव नियोजन,मनाची प्रसन्नता तसेच आरोग्य  आणि अध्यात्मिक आरोग्य म्हणजेच स्पिरिच्युअल हेल्थ या वेगवेगळ्या निकषांवर आज आरोग्य संकल्पनेवर काम होतेय. रोग प्रतिबंध यावर विशेष भर दिला जातो जे आयुर्वेद ग्रंथांचे मूळ तत्व होय. मनुष्य प्राण्याचे जीवन हे शरीर धारणास्तव,म्हणजे फक्त जगावे म्हणून  केलेले अन्न … Continue reading Food, fire and human evolution!

Excuse me,dear bothering Obesity!

Does my Obesity affect my life quality? Obesity is the abnormal increase in weight, accumulation of fat tissues around waist ,abdomen and thighs. This increase in weight and fat deposition does not only hamper the overall look of the person. Apart from the cosmetic reasons obesity affects the health and the quality of life in … Continue reading Excuse me,dear bothering Obesity!

Addicted: Sale! Shop! Swipe!

Shop to live or Live to shop !!! Shopping addiction: The flooded malls, jewelry shops, flea markets, street markets and now the roadside stalls, home driven garment -jewelry businesses and gigantic online shopping market are the proofs that human may have undergone the mutation of gene for shopping. The availability of thousands of variety in … Continue reading Addicted: Sale! Shop! Swipe!

‘ए ..ए .’एडिक्शन’ चा : व्यसनाची तोंडओळख 

'ए ..ए .'एडिक्शन' चा : व्यसनाची तोंडओळख माझ्या 'A' for addiction: The Curtain Raiser!'या इंग्रजी ब्लॉग चा हा मराठी अनुवादित ब्लॉग होय.असे म्हणतात छंद हवा, व्यसन नको. आवड हवी नाद नको!खरेच व्यसन कुठलेही असो व्यसनी व्यक्तीच्या अगदी जवळच्या माणसाच्या  तोंडचे पाणी पुरवायला ते समर्थ असते.व्यसनात फक्त ती व्यसनी व्यक्ती नव्हे तर पूर्ण कुटुंब आणि जवळचे … Continue reading ‘ए ..ए .’एडिक्शन’ चा : व्यसनाची तोंडओळख 

“A for addiction”: Curtain raiser

"To love an addict is to run out of tears". Yes it is not the only addict whom addiction kills. It kills  the family and every body else that tried to help out. Why suddenly a blog on addiction? What happened to the diet and food blogs? Yes I can read the minds and questions … Continue reading “A for addiction”: Curtain raiser

When your Needs overcome your Cravings

"You are what you eat !" may be the most heard, said ,used but less thought and followed phrase by human. In previous three blogs we had seen the various aspects related to menopause . For reference kindly go through the link for those blogs. Ayurveda has strong belief in Aahar Chikitsa … Continue reading When your Needs overcome your Cravings