Are we becoming walking zombies?

चालते फिरते झॉम्बी आणि आयुर्वेदाचा उतारा ! "रुपाली तू पुण्यात येशील ना, तुला तू सोडून गेलेले पुणे दिसणार नाही! ह्या करोनाने समाजाचे सर्वांगाने खच्चीकरण केलेय ग. खिरापत वाटावी ना तसे शंखपुष्पी, ब्राह्मी वाटण्याची आज गरज आहे, इतके मानसिक आरोग्य ढासळलेले दिसते पेशंट्स आणि आजूबाजूच्या लोकांचे. चालते फिरते झॉम्बी बनू कि काय आपण, अशी भीती वाटतेय … Continue reading Are we becoming walking zombies?

A cup of kadha( herbal tea) can keep a doctor away

My Marathi blog about the Ayurvedic kadha (decoction) for immune support, raised interest of many non Marathi readers and they asked for the English version for the same. Here is the blog. Covid 19 pandemic globally made us realized the need of holistic medicine very clearly. Urgent need is to find the vaccine against the … Continue reading A cup of kadha( herbal tea) can keep a doctor away

 Corona Calamity: How Ayurveda can help?

The current threat to humanity and challenge to medical world made many people to think about the ancient medicine. There are two extreme groups in this chaos. Group A thinks there is no way traditional medicine can prove helpful, modern medicine is the ultimate thing. Group B thinks there is magic remedy in traditional medicine … Continue reading  Corona Calamity: How Ayurveda can help?